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Sichuan suffered from six major natural and man-made disasters in one month, people vomited heartache | Earthquake | Drought

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Sichuan suffered from six major natural and man-made disasters in one month, people vomited heartache | Earthquake | Drought

[Epoch Times, September 07, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting comprehensive report) Sichuan has been hit by high temperature, drought, forest fires, epidemic prevention blockades and floods in a month, causing people to suffer unspeakably. On Monday (September 5), another strong earthquake struck, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. Faced with this wave of blows, people have left messages online to express their sadness.

Natural and man-made disasters one after another

Chongqing and the rest of Sichuan were hit by extreme heat once in 60 years in July and August, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius during the heatwave. The highest temperature in cities and counties in Chongqing reached 45 degrees.

The severe drought has caused cracks in farmland in many places, depleted rivers, and some river sections have been cut to the bottom. Sichuan imposed power cuts and ordered most factories to close for a few days. Elevators and air conditioners were shut down at one point. Electric vehicle owners complained that the charging station was closed. to recharge. Crops have been ravaged by high temperatures and droughts, and farmers in Sichuan are complaining.

At the same time, fires in Sichuan continued. A forest fire broke out in Chewang Town, Hejiang County, Luzhou City on the afternoon of August 21, and all the people nearby were moved; a mountain fire also broke out on a hill near Rongzun Expressway in the direction of Luzhou from Chishui; on August 24, Lingjia, Neijiang, Sichuan A fire broke out in the town, and many residential buildings were set ablaze.

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The impact of high temperature and drought has not yet been resolved, and Sichuan has experienced a sudden turn of drought and flood. Since the evening of August 27, parts of Chongqing and other cities and towns in Sichuan were hit by torrential rains. The Sichuan Hydrological Center had issued a warning at that time that “drastic changes in droughts and floods” could easily lead to floods in mountain streams and rivers, causing geological disasters.

Although high temperature, drought, power outage and flood disasters are also caused by human factors, Sichuan people are facing a disaster that is completely “man-made”. Before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all provinces and cities across the country have stepped up the implementation of the “zero policy”. Chengdu put 21 million residents under lockdown last Thursday (September 1). On Sunday (September 4), authorities extended the lockdown of much of the city and ordered more mass nucleic acid testing from Monday to Wednesday.

On September 4, a Chengdu mother cried in a video monologue that she lost her seriously ill son because he was forcibly isolated for a week and missed the critical time window for treatment of heart disease. The video went viral on social media, sparking widespread outrage and sympathy.

On September 5, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, causing local water and power outages. The earthquake has left at least 65 dead, 12 missing and 248 injured. Because the CCP has always concealed the real situation, the outside world doubts that the actual number of casualties may be higher. The quake was felt in major cities such as Chengdu and Chongqing. At the time of the earthquake, some residents were locked up at home due to the epidemic or were still queuing for testing.

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People feel sad

After experiencing 6 major natural and man-made disasters, people have expressed their opinions on the Internet. A netizen who calls himself “Internet Country Zhao Wujie” wrote on social media Twitter: “Paralyzed, Chengdu is not cursed. Some time ago, it was so hot that I forced everyone to turn on the air conditioner. Everyone can only play with water to cool down, go out and play with water and a flash flood forces everyone to play with water in the indoor swimming pool, and when you play with water in the swimming pool, there is an outbreak of epidemic gathering and transmission, which forces Chengdu to be silent, and when everyone is at home, there is an earthquake. Is this ready for a pot?? It’s a pity that I’m still alive.”

After the earthquake, there were also many jokes circulating on the Internet in China. Although they were self-joking, they could reflect the sentiment that “Sichuan people are too difficult”.

There is a paragraph saying: “Please strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements: a family can only run one person, and can only run for two hours at a time.”

There is also a paragraph saying: “There is an earthquake, don’t run, it’s hot, and the body temperature is high, you can’t even enter the community!”

Some netizens said: “When the earthquake came, my first reaction was not to run or hide, but to protect my mobile phone subconsciously. Maybe I was afraid that the house would collapse and people would be buried alive. The rescue came, because I couldn’t show the green light. code and nucleic acid, they don’t dig me.”

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Some netizens said that they ran downstairs from the upper floors during the earthquake, only to find that the security door was locked. Others said that after they ran out, they were reprimanded by the epidemic prevention staff and asked to go upstairs.

Some people rose up to resist, kicked the door directly, and even pulled the iron door open. An online video showed that people confronted the management staff at the gate of the community and asked to go out to avoid the shock, but the other party asked back, “I asked you if (the house) is still there?”

Some netizens asked on the Internet that the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 was sealed at home, and it was not known whether aftershocks would continue. Is it illegal to run outside at this time? This has resonated with many netizens. Some netizens said, “What is the epidemic prevention when life is almost gone?” “This problem becomes a problem itself.”

Some netizens asked that some residential buildings use iron chains to lock the doors to prevent residents from going out during the epidemic. Now that they encounter difficulties in escaping, who should be responsible?

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