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Silvia Tortora, the journalist daughter of Enzo Tortora died

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Journalist for TV and print media, Silvia Tortora (born in Rome on November 14, 1962) died last night in a Roman clinic at the age of 59. Daughter of the journalist and TV presenter Enzo Tortora, worked with Giovanni Minoli a Mixer and then to We are history making a series of great interviews. After collaborating with the weekly Epoch, he has also published several books including Silvia face (Marsilio 2002) who collects the letters that her father Enzo wrote her from prison. Since 2009 he has led Big with Annalisa Bruchi. She married the French actor Philippe Leroy, with whom he had two children Philippe and Michelle.

Silvia followed in her father’s footsteps and spent most of her career in Rai, working on reconstructing the history of our country. Born from her father’s second marriage, with Miranda Fantacci, together with the younger sister Gaia, has always been at the forefront in defending her father’s reasons, during the trial, which saw him convicted of a Camorra association and then acquitted, but also after his death. His is the cinematic subject of the film A decent man, from Maurizio Zaccaro, dedicated to the figure of the journalist and presenter, which in 1999 earned her the silver ribbon at the Taormina Festival.

Giovanni Minoli: “Silvia Tortora, rigorous and sensitive”

by Silvia Fumarola

A story that of the father, lived with pain and great bitterness. “From my point, nothing has changed: they are 30 years of bitterness and disgust – said Silvia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of her father -. I was expecting a reform of the judicial system, but it hasn’t happened. infinite. Indeed in 30 years there has been a numerical explosion “.

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