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Six beauty trends that will be all the rage in 2023

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Behind every beauty routine is the desire to develop cosmetic habits focused on improving the appearance of the skin, which lead to a state of well-being and also to the creation of intimate spaces that allow us to relax and take care of ourselves.

For this reason, the use of cosmetic products goes further, it is a healthy habit that promotes beauty, personal fulfillment, improves self-esteem and also cares for health.

What will happen in 2023? John Jiménez, Senior Researcher at Belcorp, tells us about some of the beauty trends that will be all the rage in the coming year.

Multisensorialidad: The new reality in which we live in this post-pandemic world has taught us that priorities have changed. Today, the new luxury is related to experiences, rather than the products themselves.

That is why cosmetics are providing hypersensory formulas that allow new experiences. In 2023, we will see multisensory products aligned with concepts of well-being and experience.

Zoom Beauty: Remote work is already part of the work routine, hence the arrival of products that promote beauty with immediate effects within the framework of these virtual days.

For this reason, we are seeing a boom in products that help mattify and improve the appearance of the face immediately, such as blurs, foundations, powders and creams that offer the benefit of immediate improvement in appearance to always look perfect on platforms such as Zoom Teams. , etc.

Beauty snacking: This is a trend that has had a great boom due to the pandemic and the long confinements and it is also here to stay.

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It consists of taking advantage of small moments in the day to pamper the skin with the use of products that are easy and quick to apply and that provide good experiences such as masks in different textures, patches, moisturizers, serums, mists, sprays, mists and also hair masks, among others.

Upcycling: This trend is very interesting because it consists of taking advantage of functional residues from other types of industries, such as food (known as by-products), to develop assets and technology for cosmetic products. A clear example is the orange juice industry, where tons of peels remain as waste.

The cosmetic industry is recovering these shells to extract active molecules, such as fragrances, excipients, active ingredients, etc.

Microbiome: The microbiome is a trend that’s all the rage as we better understand the important role bacteria play on our skin.

Many years ago, it was common to see cleansing products that killed 99% of bacteria on the skin. Science has shown that while the bad bacteria were killed, the good bacteria were also killed, leading to the development of skin problems, including sensitive skin and acne.

Microbiome care is one of the most important trends because the benefits that bacteria have on the skin are being discovered.

For example, there are good bacteria that help prevent the bad ones from growing, others that help the skin’s hydration process to take place optimally and also help the skin absorb products that are friendly to the microbiome.

Beautyverso: Beautyverse = Beauty + Metaverse. This trend is very strong in Asia and is already reaching Latin America. The metaverse offers us a whole world of opportunities to discover and many cosmetic brands are already doing it.

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We are seeing very interesting innovations, for example, people can create their own avatar and in the metaverse they can try different types of makeup, colors, finishes, even clothes. We are also looking at how we can predict how effective facial treatment products may be when the consumer starts using them.

This is how in 2023 we will see how the impulse of beauty will seek a balance between well-being and technology in favor of personal fulfillment. Integrate these trends into your cosmetic routine and achieve the extraordinary in this new year.


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