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Skills hub. In Vasto the presentation of the Project

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Regenerate the administrative machinery by strengthening the administrative capacity of the Region, Local Authorities and territorial partnerships is the real challenge to overcome so that the use of funds for development and cohesion can ensure widespread and inclusive well-being throughout the territory of Abruzzo. With this objective, the Abruzzo Region entrusted the project to Formez PA HUB of skills, in support of strengthening the administrative capacity of the territory. The action, financed by the Region for 2 million euros, was inaugurated today in Vasto during the conference entitled The Abruzzo Region accompanies the territory in cohesion policiesand comparison between all levels of the national and regional institutional system on the topic of administrative strengthening.

Privileged protagonists of the meeting were the Municipalities of Abruzzo, the primary backbone of the process of implementation of the cohesion policy, with respect to which the HUB project of skills provides for a structured series of administrative strengthening interventions, in terms of training and coaching, on the impulse regional and in synergy with the interventions envisaged at the national level. A central role for the success of territorial cohesion policies which was highlighted in the institutional interventions of the Minister for Public Administration, Paul Zangrilloof the Head of the Department of Public Administration and Extraordinary Commissioner of Formez PA, Marcellus Flowers and the President of the Abruzzo Region, Marcus Marsilius.

Indeed, the latter underlined the strong investment of the Abruzzo Region on the subject of concertation and partnership for the planning of territorial development. Investment crowned by the signing, during today’s conference, of the Institutional Agreement between the Abruzzo Region, Anci, Upi and Uncem Abruzzo, which commits the parties to collaborate for the analysis of the needs of the territory, for the regeneration of the Abruzzo public system and for the integrated valorisation of all resources.

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During his speech, which marks the Minister’s third visit to Abruzzo, Paul Zangrillo recognized the great vivacity of the Region in launching innovation projects of the public administration and the absolute harmony with the initiatives of its dicastery: starting from the journey for listening and comparison with the territorial realities “Let’s make Italy simple” which started in January right in L’Aquila; to the creation of a SNA higher education center in Abruzzo, for the enhancement of professionalism related to the management of emergencies and reconstruction, in synergy with local institutions, the University of L’Aquila and the universities of the regions affected by the 2016 earthquake; up to the Hub of skills created by Formez PA, another institutional partner of the DFP. And precisely that of skills is, for the Minister, the epochal challenge to face. Starting from those, with a high rate of obsolescence, required of the Public Administration to govern the digital transition. A challenge that sees territorial administrations and small municipalities in particular at the forefront, even more deprived of the necessary human capital after a ten-year block on turnover. Now the bet must be to make the PA attractive on the labor market where the competition to obtain the necessary skills is increasingly high. Also for this reason, the Minister recalled, training plays a fundamental role – as demonstrated by your recent training Directive on the subject – together with the levers of merit and the enhancement of existing skills.

A Marcellus Flowers finally, the task of summarizing the operating model of the Hub of skills project. Underlining the opportunity to replicate the Abruzzo project also in other national realities, Fiori wanted to investigate three examples of interventions supported by DFP and Formez in favor of the administrative capacity of the Municipalities. First, the opportunity represented by the “Recruitment fund PNRR” for municipalities, with the contribution to support the tasks conferred on the municipal secretaries of municipalities with up to 5,000 inhabitants and to cover the hiring of fixed-term personnel; then the possibility for small municipalities, and in general for municipalities with hiring capacity, to use the inPA portal to announce, and complete in six months, the new digital competitions, a tool that now makes it possible to schedule an average of 157,000 recruitments each year in the Italian public administration; finally, the Syllabusthe new portal dedicated to improving the skills of all people who work in public administrations and which makes it possible to retrain those employees who, with an average age of 50 and a job prospect of at least another 15 years, represent the historical basis of the PA and they must be valued and motivated also and above all through training.

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The extent of Formez PA’s contribution to the innovation of the Abruzzo regional public administration and the support provided for the activation of the skills HUB confirm the institute in the role of strategic partner in actions to strengthen administrative and institutional capacity.

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