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Slander against the Cali Mayor’s Office will be criminally denounced

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Slander against the Cali Mayor’s Office will be criminally denounced

In the current era of social networks, it is increasingly common to issue insults and slander against all kinds of professionals, including public officials and official government agencies.

Given this, the Municipal Administration directed by Jorge Iván Ospina, considers that these erroneous ways violate the good name and due process of his mandate, remembering that some people, in their intention to have public visibility, use this kind of signaling that , according to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, should be penalized.

“Regarding what the prosecutor Barbosa said, I completely agree, because you cannot go down the street, through social networks or public spokesperson, expressing untrue situations in front of others or public figures, which is not appropriate,” said the burgomaster.

Keep in mind that, in this situation, the Administrative Department of Public Legal Management is ready to counteract, from the regulations, these opinions that harm dignity and honor, behaviors that are typified in the Penal Code.

This set of Colombian laws specifies that whoever falsely accuses another of typical behavior will be imprisoned for 16 to 70 months and a fine of 13.33 to 1,500 current legal monthly minimum wages.

“These conducts are classified in the Criminal Code as crimes or punishable acts, therefore when things are said that are not true, the corresponding complaints are filed with the Prosecutor’s Office, in order to initiate criminal investigations,” said the head. district attorney, María del Pilar Cano Sterling.

“One cannot simply respond to situations, without verifying or effectively validating what is said,” added the official.

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Remember that the District is attentive to answer any concerns, provide the information that is required, and clarify situations through official and legal channels such as www.cali.gov.co and [email protected]

Photo: Cali Mayor’s Office


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