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slogan of the “consensus” candidate?

Business Leader Alberto Vollmer Continues Family Legacy at Ron Santa Teresa

Alberto Vollmer, the executive president of Ron Santa Teresa, a leading rum distilling company, has carried on the legacy of his family’s business through times of hardship and success. Vollmer, who was sent to the Valley Forge Military Academy at a young age, recalls the advice of his father to listen and learn instead of trying to beat the system. This guidance has shaped his approach to business and leadership.

The Vollmer family has a long history in Venezuela, dating back to the 19th century when they arrived from Hamburg. Alberto Vollmer, the fifth generation of the family, has taken the reins of Ron Santa Teresa in the face of challenges brought on by the “Bolivarian revolution” and the subsequent political regime. Despite the difficult circumstances, Vollmer has successfully navigated the company through 25 years of political and economic changes.

In recent years, Vollmer’s leadership has garnered attention from political figures, including Jorge Rodríguez, a prominent member of the ruling regime. Despite criticism from some Chavista leaders, Vollmer has maintained a successful and collaborative approach to business and negotiations.

Vollmer’s work extends beyond the business world, as he has been involved in the Santa Teresa Foundation’s Alcatraz Project, which aims to empower young people and transform violent leadership into virtuous leadership. His efforts have earned him praise as a model businessman from leaders of the Bolivarian process.

As Ron Santa Teresa continues to thrive, Alberto Vollmer remains committed to upholding the values and traditions of his family’s business while also embracing innovation and social impact. His dedication to the company and his community sets an example for business leaders in Venezuela and beyond.

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