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Smart travel new experience digital currency ride dynamic strike_Digital_Tianjin_RMB

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Smart travel new experience digital currency ride dynamic strike_Digital_Tianjin_RMB

Original title: Smart Travel New Experience Digital Currency Ride Dynamics Strikes

CCTV Tianjin, July 13 (Reporter Chu Fuqing) Bank of China Tianjin Branch seized the opportunity of the digital RMB pilot policy and cooperated with the Rail Transit Group again with the help of the characteristic smart travel scenario platform, and put it into production on the Tianjin Metro APP on July 12. Digital RMB scan code to pass the gate and ride the car. The successful implementation of this function is the first application scenario of digital RMB in the Tianjin rail transit industry.

The scene of the launching ceremony (issued by China Central Broadcasting Corporation)

Tianjin Bank of China has tried to cooperate with Rail Group in the field of subway ticketing for the first time since 2018. With a pioneering and innovative spirit, it has tried new models and explored new technologies, and has stepped out of a new model of cross-domain integrated development. The official launch marks the first step of Tianjin Rail Transit’s “smart travel”. In the past four years, Tianjin Bank of China and the subway have successively realized comprehensive “smart payment” applications such as bank card, mobile payment, mobile QR code, offline non-cash payment, etc.; preferential activities have ranged from supporting credit card to covering Alipay, WeChat, and cloud flash payment. and other channels; service areas extend from subway, to bus, bicycle and parking. Smart travel has introduced new technologies and new functions for the intelligent development of rail transit, bringing a convenient, affordable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel mode to the general public. The project has benefited more than 160 million users so far.

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In April 2022, the pilot work of digital renminbi was officially implemented in Tianjin. During the commemorative event of the “4th Anniversary of Smart Travel”, Tianjin Bank of China launched the activity of opening the Bank of China’s digital currency wallet to win the “Smart Travel” one-yuan swipe card ride to the public. Widespread attention from the public has paved the way for the promotion of our bank’s personal wallet in the subway scene. At the same time, our bank quickly connected with the rail group, completed system transformation and testing, and continuously improved the level of intelligence and digitization of travel services. In July, we launched the digital RMB rail transit payment application scenario in Tianjin to provide the general public with digital RMB BOC wallets. The travel experience associated with the subway APP.

In the later stage, Tianjin Bank of China will continue to promote the promotion of digital renminbi, and launch activities for free rides in digital currency and one-dollar rides in digital currency. A comprehensive service project of convenience, benefit and benefit for the people that integrates scenes and preferential rights and interests.Return to Sohu, see more


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