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Snow is coming: lorry blocks, reduced trains

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The prefecture’s plan until noon tomorrow. Veneto Strade activates the snowplows, the Ulss suspends the pads

BELLUNO. Truck blocking and constant traffic filtering by law enforcement. These are some of the measures decided yesterday by the Prefecture of Belluno at the end of the table on the snow surface which lasted three hours. The heavy snowfall expected for today has, in fact, led to the mobilization of all the police forces and bodies that manage the roads of the Belluno area. The provision, adopted by the prefect at the suggestion of the Polstrada and shared by the table, provides for the limitation of circulation to vehicles over 3.5 tons on the main roads, i.e. 50, 51, 51 bis and 52 from 8 today until 12 o’clock. tomorrow. Furthermore, those who will be found without snow tires or who do not have chains on board will not be able to proceed. Personnel from the Belluno Police Headquarters, the Provincial Carabinieri Command, the Finance Police, the Traffic Police will monitor the nerve centers of traffic. The firefighters are also ready.

Disruptions also foreseen for those traveling by train: on the Calalzo-Belluno and Conegliano-Belluno lines, some trips may be canceled.

Ulss 1 Dolomiti itself has decided to suspend all drive-in buffers for today.

Veneto Strade, present at the prefectural table, guarantees the full activity of men and vehicles to keep the streets clean, streets that, given the day of celebration, will not see the queues of workers and students, but of tourists ready to enjoy a day on skis. The Dolomitibus public transport as well as all holidays will not circulate. Bellunum, which manages the collection of urban waste, warns that “the service will be carried out compatibly with road conditions and in areas where safety and accessibility conditions allow it”. And it invites users to expose containers only as needed. –

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