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So why was Becciu kicked out?

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The Pope skipped the opening of the Easter Triduum in St. Peter’s, leaving Cardinal Dean Re with the task of celebrating Mass in Coena Domini. Dense mystery about what Francis had to do so important that he skipped the solemn appointment, given the tomb silence of the Vatican. Arcane revealed in the late afternoon of Thursday, when it became known that he had indeed celebrated mass, but in the private apartment of Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu. The meeting is anything but confidential, given that the Pontiff has agreed to publicize it.

But then, is Becciu guilty or innocent? If he is innocent, as the international inquiries into various buildings and buildings suggest, why is he not fully reinstated in the College of Cardinals? In fact, six months have passed since the Pope ousted him, depriving him of the rights connected to the cardinalate (it is not yet known what this means). Reasons? None. Explanations from Oltretevere? Zero.

It is not known why Becciu was punished, if not – someone whispers – for a cover of the Espresso delivered to the papal desk in Santa Marta on the troubled affairs of the then prefect of the congregation for the Causes of Saints. It has been known in these hours that Francesco and Becciu have heard each other several times in recent months, and also met. Home delivery is a sign of affection. Someone, maliciously, claims that he metaphorically washed the feet of the weakened cardinal, to purify him of his sins, in short. Sara. What is certain is that a little more transparency, if only in communication, would be a must. Especially by those who promised to kill the crows and transform the Church into a crystal palace where there is very little secret and opaque.

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