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Social Commentary: It’s time for the United States to use non-trade war methods to discuss with China to solve the problem

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Social Commentary: It’s time for the United States to use non-trade war methods to discuss with China to solve the problem

2021-10-05 16:39:31Source: Global Times

US Trade Representative Dai Qi delivered a speech on China’s trade policy on the 4th. He made a characterization of China’s “long-term failure to abide by global trade rules” and accused China of “state-centric and non-market trade practices”. Tough stance towards China. At the same time, she said that she will not seek to intensify trade tensions with China and will initiate a targeted “tariff exclusion procedure”. She also emphasized in the Q&A session that “not pursuing decoupling with China“, but with China on a different basis.” reconnect”.

U.S. Trade Representative Dai Qi

Dai Qi said that he will work with allies to build a so-called fair international trading system, which is different from the practice of fighting on all sides in the Trump era. Dai Qi said that he would soon have a dialogue with his Chinese counterparts on the implementation of the first phase of the Sino-US trade agreement. She used the new term “enduring coexistence” when expounding the goals of the Biden administration’s trade policy toward China. On the other hand, Dai Qi hinted that the United States might adopt unilateral trade measures, including launching a new “Section 301 investigation”, and emphasized that it would use “all tools owned by the United States” to put pressure on China.

The Trump administration launched a full-scale trade war with China in 2018, trying to crush China in one fell swoop, change China’s basic economic policies, and even force China to modify the basic economic system. It is precisely these systems and policies that have contributed to the rapid growth of China’s economy. It has shaped China‘s people’s livelihood and also promoted China‘s rapid rise.

According to the principle of fairness and mutual benefit of trade, many specific matters of Sino-US trade can be adjusted. China has made corresponding efforts to address intellectual property rights, investment, and the United States’ demands for trade balance. However, the United States must mobilize China’s foundations to prevent China from formulating development. China will never agree to plans for technological innovation capabilities and changes to China’s national policies that are conducive to enhancing competitiveness.

The United States must realize that China‘s fundamental competitiveness comes from the people’s diligence and hard work, and from the powerful leadership of the CCP and the Chinese government that effectively organizes and inspires the people’s creativity. China’s approach is not anti-market, but taps and releases the greater potential of the market economy, overcomes some of its shortcomings, thereby rejuvenating the market economy with greater vitality, improving its efficiency, and contributing to the miracle of the Chinese economy. .

Through Dai Qi’s speech, it can be seen that the United States has realized to a certain extent that it is unrealistic to “transform China” based on their interests and in accordance with their thinking. No one can do without who has a new understanding. The Trump administration’s arrogant attempt to crush China‘s will has failed. China has proved its strong will and real resilience to counter the suppression. Now is the time when the United States has to make certain adjustments.

China welcomes dialogue and negotiation, and is willing to make efforts to jointly build an equal and mutually beneficial Sino-US trade system. But we will insist on not making concessions in principle, based on doing our own thing, and not afraid of any contest, including a consistent attitude of lasting contest. The trade war has lasted for more than three and a half years. Instead of weakening China‘s economy, it has taken a step forward in comparison with the scale of the United States. The Chinese people are more confident and their stamina continues to increase. We know that all this is the basis for the United States to consider using non-trade war coercive methods to discuss issues with China.


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