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Soldier murdered his companion at a military base in Bogotá

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Soldier murdered his companion at a military base in Bogotá

On this Friday afternoon, in the Caldas Military Canton, located in Puente Aranda, Bogotá, a high school soldier shot one of his companions, causing his death.

According to preliminary reports, in the midst of an apparent act of intolerance, a soldier, identified as Jhon Alexander Sosa Galindo, 18, was fatally shot by another comrade in arms.

The injured young soldier was immediately taken to the Military Hospital, however, the serious injuries he suffered turned out to be fatal, and he unfortunately died shortly after admission.

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The National Army issued an official statement expressing its dismay at the event and providing details about what happened:

The event occurred in the Caldas Military Canton, where Jhon Alexander Sosa Galindo was the victim of an alleged act of intolerance by one of his companions.

Despite medical efforts, soldier Sosa Galindo lost his life due to the severity of the injuries suffered.

Once the tragic outcome was known, the relevant authorities were notified to carry out the required legal procedures.

The aggressor soldier was arrested and placed at the disposal of the competent authorities to answer for his actions.

The command of the military unit has ordered the opening of an investigation to clarify the exact circumstances in which the unfortunate events took place.

“We regret what happened and express a respectful greeting of solidarity and condolences to the family and friends of our deceased soldier,” the Army said in a statement.

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