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Solidarity with Semana magazine and its director – news

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Solidarity with Semana magazine and its director – news

By Aura Isabel Olano Correa

The newspaper La Campana de Popayán expresses solidarity with the magazine Semana and its director Vicky Dávila, who today were victims of an attack by a large group of members of the Minga Indígena del Cauca, who violently broke into the building of that media outlet in Bogotá and caused some damage, he also attacked a security guard and created panic among those who work in that building, who are not only from that news outlet.

It is not possible for a minority community that has been enjoying so many privileges for decades, which are increasingly greater with resources from Colombian taxpayers, to act in an aggressive and profane manner against a media outlet and its director, whom they disrespected as a woman. and human being, when indigenous leaders demand respect for human rights.

The indigenous people, especially their leaders, are accustomed to doing with Cauca and its people what they want, because according to them and their arrogance, they are the owners and lords of the “Pacha Mama”, in which there is no place for the others, have long since crossed the borders of this long-suffering department, to impose themselves in other places, as they did with the so-called social outbreak and now with the march in support of the Government and its reforms, called by President Gustavo Petro himself, to who they have always supported, obtaining generous remuneration from this mandate in a short time.

Perhaps the indigenous fury against Semana magazine has to do with the previous September 26 publication, under the title “Indigenous communities are megacontractors in the Petro Government: two organizations will receive more than $110,000 million.”

This publication referred to each contract signed by the Cric and the Onic, with almost all the ministries, in addition to the National Protection Unit, the Search Unit for Missing Persons, the Administrative Department of the Presidency, etc., perks that no one has in the country. But Semana magazine “dared” to tell the country about this multimillion-dollar contract, whose resources come from the ever-increasing taxes of all Colombians, so that the indigenous leadership can do whatever they want, without being accountable to anyone. because of its “autonomy”, in a Government with a discourse on equality, equity, neatness and against corruption.

If they did not agree with the publication, they could have challenged it with true arguments, not with violence and vulgarity, as they just did.

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The indigenous people have exported their roads to the country, in fact, the blocking of vital highways, which has turned out to be a lucrative business, because they bring the governments in power to their knees, as has happened with the seizure of the Panamericana, besieging Popayán and towns. neighbors for weeks, harming the users of that international artery, impoverishing the economy of this department and bankrupting the few companies, 98% micro, but the elites and “indigenous cocoas” don’t care about that. who travel in expensive armored vans, with escorts paid for by taxpayers and other fees. Due to the terrible blockage of the Panamericana in 1999, many merchants, agricultural producers and small businessmen could not recover.

These organizations are always ready, at any moment, to block roads, to hire numerous chivas to take their minga to cities like Cali and Bogotá, without realizing that they are earning the animosity of many citizens who previously looked at them with respect.

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