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Son of Tom Meeuws defends his father in open letter on Facebook: “My foul-mouthed mouth has been baffled for days” (Antwerp)

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Tom Meeuws

Tom Meeuws (Vooruit) unexpectedly announced his resignation as Antwerp alderman and also his retirement from politics. That caused quite a stir. After his dismissal, it came to light that the alderman had made racist comments, including about his fellow alderman Nabilla Ait Daoud (N-VA). For example, he is said to have described her in a meeting as “the macro ships”. His son, Rune Meeuws, is fed up with the negative commotion surrounding his father and wants to put things right through a post on Facebook.

“Yes, my father is a racist. Phew, that’s a relief,” Rune begins his argument. But he mainly wants to silence those words through this letter. “I grew up in Antwerp North (where 71.3% have foreign origins),” he continues. “I had a babysitter veiled in a headscarf throughout my childhood. I played basketball in a multicultural team in the heart of Borgerhout. I’ve seen more Moroccan cookies and Jewish bread on the table than was healthy. He received the latter as a gift from people who – I assume – also think he is a racist. What kind of strange cultures exist, right?”

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Rune thinks there is a lot wrong with that last reasoning. And he wants to put that right. “And now the truth: last Thursday my father came home, sawing and sighing. Unfortunately this is not the first time. He said something about a director being fired. I didn’t know the details. That didn’t stop me from saying that I was more than tired of his moaning and groaning,” he writes.

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It did not come out of the blue for his son that his father wanted to resign himself. “A little later that evening in the bathroom he said something about resigning. That wasn’t the first time either. My occasionally foul-mouthed mouth said, “aha, daddy is resigning chapter 800”. There was no answer.”

Ultimately, Tom Meeuws submitted his resignation last Friday. And his son was also partly involved. “’It’s because of you that I no longer have a job,’ a clearly relieved person joked to me. The final straw in his dismissal was definitely a foul mouth. My mouth in combination with his tiredness. It was gone,” Rune said on Facebook.

The media storm that followed also hit Rune hard. “What was published, written and said days later defies my imagination and that of the people around me,” he writes. “I immediately sent my grandmother a text message saying: ‘Don’t believe everything the newspapers write, we know better’. As if I know my father better than the woman who gave birth to him. My family and I have had to read rambling articles for days now. My thanks to the article writers: my foul-mouthed mouth has been baffled for days and someone above is trying to sleep more tired than ever before.”

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