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Sospirolo, the kindergarten jobs are late, “Let’s consider moving to middle school”

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Sospirolo, the kindergarten jobs are late, “Let’s consider moving to middle school”

Mayor De Bon takes stock of the intervention on the Maras complex and on the gymnasium. “The arrangement of the cover at the secondary school will not be a problem”

SUSPIROL. Construction sites at the schools of Sospirolo. If on the one hand what concerns the renewal of the coverage of middle schools will not hinder the use of the plexus by the pupils, on the other hand there is the possibility that the Maras kindergarten will be inaccessible for weeks. This is stated by the mayor Mario De Bon, who takes stock of both construction sites.


On the west side of the colorful Sospirolese nursery school, an area undergoing works has been visible for a few weeks.

It is the first step aimed at strengthening the structure, in which the construction of the new dormitory on the side towards San Zenon and the parking towards Sospirolo is planned.

Without forgetting the intention to find room for larger kitchens to be used for all the school complexes of the municipality, especially if the administration of Sospirola were to succeed in intercepting a special Pnrr call.

To worry, however, are not the new stalls, being outside the school, but the new dormitory. In fact, the construction site insists on areas inside the kindergarten courtyard and for safety reasons it would not in fact be possible to guarantee the coexistence between the presence of work machinery and workers with the young pupils. Especially by reasoning over a prolonged period of time.

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“Unfortunately it will not be able to be completed by the start of the school year, as was partly expected,” explains Mayor Mario De Bon. «Now let’s see how much the delay in the completion of the works can amount to. A few days of discomfort can be endured, vice versa we will have to assume a momentary shift to the averages ».


As regards the averages, the replacement of the roof is in progress, for a value of just under 290 thousand euros financed by a tender and co-financing by the municipality of Sospirolo itself.

Built in its time in a flat form, it had then been replaced over time by a sloping roof with tiles. Still, the water still managed to filter. Hence the need for a definitive solution, through the installation of aluminum sheets.

“The company has 60 days to complete the work,” explains the mayor of the Monti del Sole. «As usual, however, it depends on the delivery times of the materials and so on. We estimate it may take three months, but in any case this will not conflict with the regular course of the lessons. The solution of aluminum sheets, however, seems to be able to be the definitive one “.

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