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Sottocastello, the wall of the semi-destroyed cemetery from Vaia will be rebuilt

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Sottocastello, the wall of the semi-destroyed cemetery from Vaia will be rebuilt

The Municipality of Parish Church of Cadore requested and obtained a loan from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for a total amount of eighty thousand euros to carry out the work on the enclosure wall of the Sottocastello cemetery. A job long awaited by citizens and which will start in the short term, in any case before the arrival of winter (at least according to the indications that have emerged).

The intervention will concern an important portion of the wall of the city cemetery of Sottocastello, the one located on the east side, which partly collapsed under the blows of the bad weather already several years ago but further fell apart with the passage of the storm wow which has irreversibly compromised an already precarious stability. It is an ancient wall which, according to the project already drawn up, will be restored by tracing its original characteristics. The operational phase of the works can get underway by virtue of the completion of the stability checks carried out in recent days by the managers of the technical office of the Municipality of Pieve.

“The funding actually affects two walls, not just that of the Sottocastello cemetery for which we have been looking for a definitive solution for some time”, revealed the mayor of Pieve, Giuseppe Casagrande, “the other wall on which we will intervene is that from Pozzalelocated close to the sports field and also affected by a deep subsidence”.

The second wall subject to intervention is the one that runs between the center of the hamlet of Pozzale and the sports field along via Col Contras. The wall in question, unlike what happened at the Sottocastello cemetery, did not collapse but did register a failure with consequent damage to the underlying guard rail. A situation that threatens to jeopardize road safety. Some hydrogeological surveys were recently carried out on site before the final approval for the project for which there is not yet a defined timeline.

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“We will see if it will be possible to intervene in this case before the winter, otherwise the works will certainly be postponed to spring”, added the mayor who is following the evolution of the situation on both fronts firsthand.

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