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Soumahoro, mother-in-law also under investigation for aggravated fraud

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Soumahoro, mother-in-law also under investigation for aggravated fraud

Marie Therese Mukamitsindo, mother-in-law of Aboubakar Soumahoro, the trade unionist of Ivorian origins and deputy elected with the Green-Left alliance, is also accused of aggravated fraud and false invoices as part of the investigation by prosecutors of Latina on the management of two cooperatives. Based on what is learned at the moment, the woman is the only one registered in the register of suspects. The magistrates have delegated the investigations to the Guardia di Finanza which is analyzing, after some complaints presented by the workers of the co-ops complaining of non-payment of salaries, how the funds received over the years by the two structures have been used.

Investigation by the Latina prosecutor into the management of two pro-migrant cooperatives

In recent days, the deputy suspended himself from the Verdi-SI group. The investigation launched by the Latina prosecutor’s office concerns the management of two pro-migrant cooperatives in the Pontine province, Karibu and Consorzio Aid. Under the lens of the Guardia di Finanza there would be alleged non-payments to employees and irregular contracts. From rumors, six-figure figures have emerged that cooperatives have received from state bodies, through tenders or disbursements as early as 2020.

The reports of the workers of the coop

As if that weren’t enough, heavy accusations have rained down from some former guests in the structures managed by the co-ops, who in interviews with the press spoke of “unacceptable living conditions”. Among these, the reports of about thirty workers of the coops that were collected in June by the Uiltucs of Latina. The unions have spoken of wages lost to workers, or at least of late payments, and the co-ops have so far defended themselves by explaining that they too would be awaiting transfers from local authorities, which is why the pay slips would not have been issued .

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