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Sound the charge and fight the tough battle – Military representatives and members discussed ensuring that the centenary goal of the founding of the army can be achieved as scheduled – China News Service

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Sound the charge and fight the tough battle

——Army representatives and members discussed ensuring that the centenary goal of the founding of the army can be achieved as scheduled

Our reporter Song Xin

A strong country must have a strong army, and a strong army can ensure national security.

Achieving the centenary goal of the founding of the army clearly anchors the central task of national defense and army building in the next few years, embodies our party’s long-cherished wish to strengthen the army, and profoundly reflects the strategic requirements of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. Focusing on this topic, military representatives participating in the National Two Sessions launched a heated discussion. Everyone firmly stated that the clarion call for charge has been sounded, and the battlefield is right in front of us. We must go all out, work hard, achieve the results we are sure to achieve, and resolutely complete the various tasks assigned by the party and the people. In order to ensure that we can achieve the goal as scheduled. Contribute all your efforts to the centenary goal of the founding of the army.

Strengthen political leadership

——Persistently use Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military to build souls and educate people

The flag guides the direction, and the core steers the ship.

Achieving the centenary goal of the founding of the army as scheduled is a great journey full of glory and dreams. Military representatives said that on this road forward, we must strengthen political guidance, persist in using Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military, lay a solid ideological and political foundation for officers and soldiers to be absolutely loyal to the party, and ensure that the troops resolutely obey the Party Central Committee and the Central Committee Commanded by the Military Commission and President Xi.

“Insisting on arming officers and soldiers with Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the army is the primary task of army building. We must adhere to it and firmly set up the ideological banner that leads the development of the army.” Representative Lu Yuncheng from the Army said, “Learning ideology is the first task , is also a main thread throughout. To this end, we insist on establishing a firm ideological banner and focusing on arming, consolidating the political foundation and focusing on education, and tempering absolute loyalty and focusing on rectification. We organize rotation training around major theoretical issues, focus on special research on solving development problems, and make good use of The basic textbooks focus on theoretical learning at the grassroots level, carry out in-depth learning and education on the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission, and continuously consolidate and expand thematic education achievements. At the same time, leaders at all levels take the lead in participating in planning, taking the lead in organizing and teaching, and taking the lead in applying what they have learned, and discuss learning and teaching on a regular basis. In-depth investigation and assistance, strict inspection and rectification, achieved solid results in using learning to build soul, learning to increase wisdom, learning to correct style, and learning to promote cadres, and guide officers and soldiers to understand the theory contained in their thoughts and connect theory with practice. Get through and resolutely listen to Chairman Xi’s command, be responsible to Chairman Xi, and reassure Chairman Xi.

It is precisely because of the commander-in-chief at the helm that all officers and soldiers have a “fixing star” in their thinking and a “compass” in their actions, and have achieved the historic achievements and changes that have occurred in the cause of strengthening the military today. .

Representative Qi Weiguang from the Navy’s Nanchang ship has kept in mind the instructions with the officers and soldiers over the years, walked on the sea and waves, and pursued dreams on the People’s Navy’s journey into the deep blue. “The task of building a strong people’s navy has never been as urgent as it is today to ensure that the 100-year goal of the founding of the army is achieved as scheduled.” Qi Weiguang said, “In the new era and new journey, the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the army has always been The direction and strength of officers and soldiers in achieving their goals are the most fundamental political guarantees. To this end, we have studied and implemented Xi Jinping’s Thought on Strengthening the Army throughout the entire process of value guidance and strength building for officers and soldiers. From formal inclusion to From the honorable review, from the completion of full training to the war patrol in the distant seas, every step of the construction and development of the Nanchang ship is firmly moving forward under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military.

The key to a strong army is to win people. “In-depth implementation of the thought of strengthening the military in the new era, comprehensive implementation of the military education policy of the new era, and insisting on cultivating people with moral integrity and educating people for war.” On September 1 last year, President Xi wrote a letter to congratulate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the National University of Defense Technology and expressed his sincere wishes to the entire school. Teachers, students, employees and alumni expressed their high expectations.

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“This is a concern that leaders on the road to building a strong military has always been concerned about.” Representative Li Xiang from the National University of Defense Technology said that for whom to train people, what people to train, and how to train people are always the fundamental issues of education. Military academies are the cradle of training military talents. Only by persisting in educating students with Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military can we ensure that the guns are always in the hands of reliable people who are loyal to the party. “To this end, we have incorporated the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Strengthening the Military into the core curriculum, continuously optimized and improved the ideological and political course system and teaching material system, designed political theory courses for undergraduates, masters and doctoral students in a coherent manner, and promoted the quality of ideological and political courses and the naturalization of ideological and political courses. Forming a synergistic education effect. At the same time, the school also combines the characteristics of young students, makes full use of modern information technology, and adopts a popular form to explain Xi Jinping’s thoughts on strengthening the military more vividly and clearly, ensuring that it is absorbed into the brain and heart.” Li Xiang said the representative.

Deepen troop training and preparation for war

——Be sure to come when you are called, be able to fight when you come, and win when you fight.

Being able to fight and win wars is the mission and responsibility of the military. Achieving the 100-year goal of the founding of the army as scheduled contains clear political, strategic and practical directions, which ultimately all lead to comprehensively improving the ability to win.

“We must shoulder the heavy responsibilities of this era, accelerate the pace of building a strong military, and answer the historical questions given by the party and the people with outstanding capabilities and actions.” Representative Gong Maodong from the Western Theater Command said, “Currently, the world Entering a new period of turmoil and change, China’s security situation is becoming more unstable and uncertain. The people’s army must resolutely defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests. The most urgent thing is to focus on practical military training and grasp the use and training of troops, struggle and In relation to war preparations, we will deepen research on combat issues such as force coordination, combat training conversion, and quality and effectiveness evaluation, and strive to solve the practical contradictions in the generation of combat effectiveness, and accelerate the improvement of winning capabilities; the most realistic thing is to further strengthen the awareness of tackling difficulties, seize the day and work hard to attack difficulties, Always maintain an enterprising spirit, work hard, work hard, work nervously and quickly, and move forward towards the goal.

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“We must resolutely shoulder the responsibility and mission of guarding, stabilizing, and managing one side.” Representative Chen Yipeng from the Southern Theater Command introduced that over the past year or so, the Southern Theater Command has regularly organized command skills training, joint operations research, and combat case studies. We should carry out targeted training based on realistic responses to normal conditions, integrate joint exercises, joint training and related operations to specialize and refine, and effectively build a strong and efficient joint operations command structure.

“To ensure that the 100-year goal of the founding of the army is achieved as scheduled, we will inevitably face one ‘Loushanguan’ or ‘Lazikou’. To this end, all officers and soldiers must always maintain strong mission concerns and be prepared to train and prepare for war.” Text from the Air Force Representative Xiaoliang said, “In the face of risks and challenges, while doing a good job in basic training, we also carried out in-depth activities of ‘learning the system, applying the system, and developing the system’ in response to the new situation and characteristics of modern joint operations, so as to achieve full-time on-site training. On-duty duty, full-time command and control, full-time grasp of the situation, hard training of combat skills, solid advancement of war preparations, and continuous consolidation of the foundation of emergency response capabilities.

Focus on strengthening the foundation

——Effectively follow the program to build the army to a high standard

The grassroots level is the basis of all work and combat effectiveness of the army. Representatives of the army said that to ensure that the centenary goal of the founding of the army is achieved as scheduled, we must focus on strengthening the foundation, insist on building according to the program, focus on building strong front-line headquarters, front-line battle fortresses, and front-line leadership teams, and promote comprehensive grass-roots construction Progressive and comprehensive.

“The troops stationed in Hong Kong have special status, special missions, and special environment. All work must adhere to higher standards and stricter requirements.” Representative Lai Ruxin from the troops stationed in Hong Kong said that to perform defense under the “one country, two systems” environment, the troops must adhere to higher standards and stricter requirements. Pay attention to building according to the program, strengthen the ideological tempering of officers and soldiers while strengthening organizational functions, give full play to the functional role of party organizations at all levels, focus on the training of the secretary team, the implementation of the party organization system, and internal supervision of the party organization, and constantly strengthen intra-party politics The combat nature of life ensures that the troops never deteriorate, change color, or taste bad, build a solid line of defense in strict work style and discipline, and provide strong organizational support and ideological and political guarantee for effectively fulfilling the missions and tasks assigned by the party and the people.

To improve the overall construction of the army, we must carry forward the spirit of reform and innovation and strengthen high-level military governance. Representative Tang Linhui from the Joint Logistics Support Force said that in recent years, the army has strengthened its institutional advantages through high-level governance, strictly implemented the comprehensive and strict party governance indicator system, promoted related work of “setting benchmarks and setting examples”, and promoted grassroots work by industry and type. Standardize regular work, expand ideas and measures for construction and management in accordance with the law, strengthen all-round management and regular supervision, and promote new development of joint logistics undertakings with new strengthening of military governance.

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A branch is a fighting fortress. It must not only be built, but also strengthened. Representative Sun Lei from the Armed Police Force said that in recent years, his unit has focused on laying foundation work at the grassroots level, helping to build party branches, helping to lead secretaries, and helping to grasp backbones, and has paid close attention to the implementation of regular basic work, and has successively launched the soul-building project The project to strengthen the core, the project to strengthen positions and the comprehensive project to strengthen the foundation will continue to purify the work style of the army and comprehensively build a strong base. Around the Spring Festival this year, in the face of sudden low-temperature, rain, snow and freezing disasters, the officers and soldiers responded to the orders, carried forward the combat style of not being afraid of fatigue and fighting continuously, and took the lead in ensuring traffic and rushing to fight against two rounds of cold waves. On the ice and snow line of Jingchu land, Demonstrate the mission and responsibility of loyal guards.

“When young people are strong, the country is strong. The young people in contemporary China are born at the right time. The stage for them to display their talents is extremely broad, and the prospects for realizing their dreams are extremely bright.” Chen Jing, who comes from the Army, represents 15 years of service in the army, from a top reconnaissance soldier to a sniper rifle king. From the operational training staff to the iron-blooded company commander, he has won gold and silver in competitions at the theater level and above many times. “As a grassroots leader, my comrades and I always maintain a charging attitude and are always ready to meet challenges.” Chen Jing said that after his unit was reorganized and equipped with new main battle equipment, it faced new challenges. The officers and soldiers of the whole company upheld the The belief that “confidence in victory cannot be reduced, and fighting spirit cannot be lost” is twisted up and down into a rope, and the combat effectiveness is formed when the clothes are changed.

The journey is thousands of miles and the wind is getting stronger, and we have the courage to shoulder the heavy responsibility and set off again. The military representatives firmly stated that on the great journey to ensure the realization of the centenary goal of the founding of the army as scheduled, we must further deeply understand the decisive significance of the “two establishments”, strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidences”, We must achieve “two maintenances” and implement the Chairman’s responsibility system of the Military Commission. With a sense of urgency of seizing the day and no time waiting, we will strengthen our mission, pay close attention to the implementation of work, continue to work hard, and sound the resounding charge for the journey of strengthening the military in the new era.

(This newspaper, Beijing, March 3)

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