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South Korea suspects Pyongyang plans to start semiconductor production

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South Korea suspects Pyongyang plans to start semiconductor production

North Korea could be preparing to produce semiconductors on its territory, the South Korean National Intelligence Service reported this Monday. The agency’s suspicions are based on an alleged increase in “the spread of North Korean hacking” against companies related to this industry in the neighboring country.

“The National Intelligence Service found that North Korea was focusing on cyber attacks targeting domestic semiconductor equipment companies from the second half of last year until recently,” the official statement said.

The hackers would have attacked “commercial servers” connected to the Internet that these companies used to process documents along with other data, exposing their vulnerabilities.

To do this, “they mainly used the ‘LotL (Living off the Land)’ technique, which minimizes the use of malicious code and attacks using normal programs installed on the server. This method makes attackers less visible and, therefore, more difficult for security tools to detect,” they say from Seoul.

The intelligence agency revealed that in December last year and in February, the servers of two South Korean companies were hacked “and product design plans and photographs of facilities were stolen.” Companies were notified about the incident and helped to strengthen security measures.

“In addition, to prevent further damage, information about the threats was provided to the main national semiconductor companies so that they could carry out their own security checks,” the agency added.

According to the National Intelligence Service, “this hacking trend” could be related to North Korea’s preparations to produce its own semiconductors due to “the difficulties” the country faces due to the sanctions introduced against it and “at “increased demand” related to “the development of weapons such as satellites and missiles.” With RT

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