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Southeast Asia’s tourism industry has strong recovery momentum_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

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Southeast Asia’s tourism industry has strong recovery momentum (global hot spots)

The tourism industry in Southeast Asia is experiencing a strong recovery, with many countries exceeding their expected targets for tourist arrivals and revenue. The region’s vibrant cultural heritage and natural beauty have attracted a surge of tourists, especially from China, during the recent Spring Festival holiday.

From the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok to the historic streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Grand Palace in Thailand, tourists have flocked to Southeast Asia to experience the cultural charm and natural beauty of the region. Ctrip’s latest statistics show a significant increase in travel orders from Chinese tourists to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand during the Spring Festival, making Southeast Asia a popular destination for Chinese tourists traveling abroad.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos have all exceeded their expected targets for foreign tourist arrivals, contributing to the strengthening of the region’s tourism industry. The latest data released by Thailand’s tourism department shows that the country is set to receive more than 28 million foreign tourists in 2023, exceeding its revenue target. Vietnam, on the other hand, is on track to receive approximately 12.6 million foreign tourists in 2023, surpassing its initial target of 8 million.

Indonesia and Cambodia are also expected to surpass their targets for international tourist arrivals, with the recovery rate of Cambodia’s tourism industry reaching an impressive 92.48%. The online travel booking business in Southeast Asian countries is also experiencing rapid growth, with Indonesia’s online travel penetration rate at around 45%.

To continue driving growth in the tourism industry, Southeast Asian countries are taking measures to create unique tourism brands and improve their tourism infrastructure. Cambodia and Vietnam have launched tourism promotion events, while Malaysia has introduced a variety of themed tourism products to cater to different interests.

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Moreover, several countries are actively improving their infrastructure, including airports, to meet the needs of tourists. Thailand officially opened a new terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport, while China and Cambodia jointly built the Siem Reap Angkor International Airport, which will significantly increase the region’s passenger throughput.

With the recovery and growth of the tourism industry, many countries in Southeast Asia are actively attracting Chinese tourists. Several countries have implemented visa-free policies for Chinese citizens and have added Chinese signs at airports and tourist attractions to make it easier for Chinese tourists to travel and visit. Southeast Asian countries have also cooperated with Chinese companies to provide digital services like mobile payments for Chinese tourists.

Many airlines are also planning to add new routes or flights, aiming to cater to the increasing demand from Chinese tourists. The director of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, Ta Peni, warmly welcomes Chinese tourists to Thailand and hopes to create a pleasant and unforgettable travel experience for them.

Overall, with a strong recovery momentum and the active promotion of tourism, Southeast Asia is well on its way to becoming a global hot spot for travelers.

Bai Yuanqi
(People’s Daily Overseas Edition)

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