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‘Sowers of Peace’, the great entrepreneur fair in Valledupar

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‘Sowers of Peace’, the great entrepreneur fair in Valledupar

The Mayales Plaza Shopping Center in Valledupar will be the commercial showcase this Friday, April 26, for the fair for entrepreneurs who are victims of the armed conflict ‘Sowers of Peace’, which is held by SENA in 32 cities in the country.

This productive day aims to promote the purchase of products and services from Colombians who suffered the scourge of the armed conflict and who today, thanks to this institution, became entrepreneurs.

The points of sale of ‘Sowers of Peace’, which will be located in Mayales Plaza, are: crafts, clothing, edible products, coffee, crafts, food, footwear, stationery, beekeeping, among others.

The director (e) of the Cesar Regional, Eudes Zapata Sanjuán, stated that all people can enter the Fair without any cost, in addition that “with these initiatives it is expected that entrepreneurs, in addition to marketing their products, manage commercial alliances with entrepreneurs and potential clients for the development of negotiations in the short, medium and long term.”

Isabell Camargo, crafts entrepreneur, highlighted the support received by SENA “this Fair has opened many doors for us on a commercial level. Last year, we did very well in terms of sales. Likewise, we made ourselves known, which is very important, taking into account that, on this occasion, this gives us an advantage, because many people already know the quality of our products and are going to purchase them safely. We invite all vallenatos and visitors who are currently in Valledupar to come and support us.”

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