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Spanish Ambassador visited Quibdó and Bojayá

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Spanish Ambassador visited Quibdó and Bojayá

Joaquín de Arístegui, Spanish ambassador to Colombia, accompanied by a large Spanish and European cooperation delegation, visited Quibdó and Bojayá on December 6 and 7.

He met in the Chocó Governorate, and visited the La Paz and Villanueva reservations, of displaced Wounaan indigenous people.


She had lunch at the restaurant “La paila de mi grandmother” and visited the Quibdó Workshop School and the Departmental Network of Chocoana Women.

On the Quibdó boardwalk, he remembered and praised the missionary and aid worker Íñigo Eguiluz, murdered at the age of 24 by paramilitaries in 1999.

In Bojayá he reiterated that “with the ever-present memory of the dead and injured caused in that terrible crime (and in others), the Bojayáceños, Afro and indigenous, face their future with dignity and determination, always with the support of European cooperation. and Spain”.

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