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Spanish prosecutor Rosa Moran is betting on Morocco to combat drug trafficking

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Spanish prosecutor Rosa Moran is betting on Morocco to combat drug trafficking
In an interview with the news agency Spanish (EFE)the Spanish anti-drug prosecutor, Rosa Ana Moran, proposed the creation of a working group with Morocco to develop and strengthen cooperation in controlling the flow of drugs towards the Spanish coast..

According to the Spanish official, the recipe for combating drug trafficking is clear whether decision-makers want to confront this problem..

“Decision-makers must intensify efforts, reform legislation to give investigators and judges greater powers to carry out their duties effectively, and establish advanced cooperation relations with Morocco,” said Rosa Moran.“.

The same spokeswoman stressed that this cooperation should be focused particularly in the Algeciras region, and drew attention to the fact that the security and legal pressure in the Gibraltar region forced criminal organizations to resort to other crossings such as Huelva and El Oued El Kebir..

The Spanish prosecutor said, “I am deeply concerned that someone can consume cannabis, with a concentration of 20 percent of toxic substances, especially when it comes to a teenager of 14, 15 or 16 years old, in terms of public health and adolescent health in particular.” “.

Moran strongly criticized that Spain is the main producer of this substance in the European Union, and indicated that this is closely linked to organized crime, as international gangs are established in the region that produce this type of drug, which resort to violence and the use of weapons..

In the same context, it explained that international networks consisting of Chinese, Albanian and other nationalities are also responsible for these criminal activities in this region..

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She added, “We are no longer facing only domestic production, but rather we are facing international criminal organizations seeking to make economic profit from a substance that does not appear harmful according to public opinion.”“.

The plaintiff announced her refusal to legalize the use of cannabis, and highlighted that by means of inspection, this leads to an increase in the consumption of a drug that has become harmful to mental and psychological health..

Given these concerns, Rosa Moran argues that a study could be conducted to classify cannabis as a harmful substance affecting public health.

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