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SPD accuses CDU leader Peters of shifting to the right | > – News

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SPD accuses CDU leader Peters of shifting to the right |  > – News

As of: April 24, 2024 5:14 a.m

The SPD is warning the new CDU state and parliamentary group leader Daniel Peters of a significant shift to the right. The reason is Peters’ voting behavior in the Rostock citizenry. His CDU parliamentary group has spoken out unanimously against a federal democracy support program.

von Stefan Ludmann

It was one of the last items on the agenda at the last town hall meeting. Rostock’s mayor Eva-Maria Kröger (Die Linke) took to the podium and promoted the “Local Partnership for Democracy” in the Hanseatic city. Since it began in March 2015, numerous projects for peaceful coexistence, against misanthropy and exclusion have been supported. Kröger praised the leading association “Colorful instead of Brown” as a “wonderful partner” that had supported projects for integration, diversity and commitment well.

Kröger praised the work of the monitoring committee

According to draft resolution 5208, the project should be extended beyond 2024 – further as part of the “Democracy Life” program funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Around 200,000 euros are expected in 2025; according to the template, the city will contribute a 10 percent contribution. Kröger also praised the work of the monitoring committee. The city sports association and police, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the church are represented there, among others.

CDU criticizes Local Partnership for Democracy

The majority of citizens voted without debate for a continuation of the program after 2025. In the absence of the AfD representatives, only the CDU parliamentary group, including its member Daniel Peters, voted unanimously against it. When asked, the CDU parliamentary group in the Hanseatic city stated that the “Local Partnership for Democracy has just as much to do with democracy as the German Democratic Republic once had.” Although there is democracy involved, there is something completely different in it. The project sponsors are highly doubtful. For them, speaking out against the democratic constitutional state is considered good form. The money could be better spent elsewhere.

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“Colorful instead of brown” hides the danger of left-wing extremism

Criticism also came from the two FDP representatives who abstained from the vote. When asked, FDP member Christoph Eisfeld explained that they would have preferred a different provider. “Colorful instead of brown” ignores the danger of left-wing extremism and is too one-sided. But in principle it is good that the program does something to strengthen democracy – hence the abstention and not rejection.

SPD condemns CDU for rejecting ‘local partnership’

The Rostock SPD member of the state parliament and parliamentary group leader in the state parliament, Julian Barlen, condemned the voting behavior of Peters and the Rostock CDU. Peters is canceling the bourgeois Alliance for Democracy because of the “right-wing mania for profiling – that goes clearly too far,” explained Barlen. By saying no to the “local partnership,” the Peters CDU is moving even further to the right and is even openly opposing civil society’s commitment to democracy in Rostock.

Rostock people and the club benefited from the project

Rostock’s mayor Kröger called the rejection “unfounded”. The program has supported many social, sporting and cultural projects in recent years. People and clubs everywhere in Rostock would have benefited. The sense of community has been strengthened in the districts. “The program does a lot,” said Kröger. Representatives of the “Bunt instead of Brown” association have not yet been able to be reached by NDR.

Further information

Peters was elected with 93.8 percent of the vote. The new CDU general secretary in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is Philipp Amthor. more

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Despite some successes, Kröger sees challenges in terms of investment needs and large-scale urban projects. more

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