Home News Special oversight of contracting in Aguas del Magdalena requests Holmes

Special oversight of contracting in Aguas del Magdalena requests Holmes

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Special oversight of contracting in Aguas del Magdalena requests Holmes

Magdalenense congressman Holmes Echeverría will request, through a letter addressed to the Comptroller General of the Nation, a special oversight for all the contracting carried out last year for aqueduct and sewerage, by Aguas del Magdalena, where acts of corruption have allegedly been promoted .

The political leader of the Democratic Center said that what has been seen is that “Aguas del Magdalena does not satisfy the needs of a people, but corruption in this Department, because every time it invests resources there are more unfinished works in this department.”

“I dare to say it and that they tell me if it is a lie or true, that each one of the complaints that we are making, if we do not have the reason and the clarity of what is happening today,” he added.

He referred to the initiative to promote a credit for 1.7 trillion pesos to finance the aqueduct project for the city of Santa Marta, as a failure, because according to his experience, any project must meet all the feasibility phases for it to go ahead. part of the national government.

“Citizens are witnesses that when we were building the national budget, we invited the governor and the mayoress to go to the national government, to Congress, so that an item was included in the 2023 budget, which did not happen, they did not arrive, they did not ask resources and today, the resource for the aqueduct of the city of Santa Marta is not prioritized”, he pointed out.

He denied that the city could obtain the credit that they would be requesting for the El Curval project, because there is not even an elaborated project, much less a viable one, which is one of the fundamental requirements for any bank to access credit of such magnitude.

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“That is yet another lie from our rulers, the purpose is rather to lay a smoke screen against an electoral campaign that is about to start and in which the issue of water has always been taken as a battle horse,” he said.

Holmes Echeverria noted that the consultation law has not even been taken into account, which authorizes the communities to have to submit for consideration any project that affects them, in addition to the rules of care for the environment that protect the water reserves and capture sources.

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