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Special police units are threatening strike action

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Themabeeld. — © Belgian federal police

The special units of the federal police are threatening strike action until the end of this month due to their persistent understaffing. This is what Het Laatste Nieuws writes on Wednesday.

Source: BELGA

Yesterday at 6:17 am

At the beginning of this year, the Directorate of Special Forces (DSU) had 569 staff members, while with a fully staffed staff it would have been 638. Last week, the police unions were told during a negotiating committee that there is not enough money to increase the staff capacity. and that the DSU would have to accept a shortage of 69 employees for the time being.

The trade unions VSOA and NSPV speak of flat cuts that have a serious impact on the operation and safety of the service. Due to the lack of staff, the DSU would already have to postpone orders or even refuse them altogether. That’s why they recently filed a strike notice, which covers actions for the rest of February.

The unions remain vague about what exactly the possible actions entail and how the staff wants to exert pressure: the strike can take all kinds of forms, they say. It has already been established that the special units will not send their cat to, for example, a hostage situation. They are also repayable and a minimum number of members must always be available.

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