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Sports and pockets

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Sports and pockets

What athletes of the stature of Josimar Calvo, powerful gymnast, medalist, have to beg for alms to compete abroad… And many like him.

That on international trips, leaders have travel expenses and luxury attention. Not athletes. That several of them parade alongside the champions, as politicians do, to steal the limelight, without doing much for their triumphs.

That support for women’s soccer is demagogue and hypocritical, which is only noticed when the girls shine with their triumphs. With exceptions, of course.

Official control of sports entities is inefficient and support for invisible athletes is poor. That there are dozens of leagues that work in misery. How many hundreds are the champion athletes, abandoned after their retirements and insufficient training for coaches and athletes.

Indignation with rejection.

That the leaders live screwed to their positions, that the athletes are always in the background despite their exploits, that the complicit silence of the media is evident.

It is what is cooked in the shade. It’s our sport. The bourgeoisie of the desks, so different from the passion of the stadiums. Esteban J.

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