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Stabilize the basic disk and highlight the point of force-all sectors of society are hotly discussing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference-Rule of Law

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 13th. Topic: Stabilize the basic disk and highlight the point of effort-all sectors of society are hotly discussing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference

Xinhua News Agency reporter

The Central Economic Work Conference clarified that next year’s economic work should take the lead and seek progress while stabilizing, and clarified the current five major theoretical and practical issues that must be correctly understood and grasped. All walks of life believe that the conference is based on the present and has a long-term perspective, strengthens confidence in development, inspires forge ahead and join forces, and points out the direction for future work.

“Stable”: Consolidate the basic disk for high-quality development

“Stability” is the most prominent key word of this year’s Central Economic Work Conference. The 25 “stable” words in the press release of the Central Economic Work Conference are sufficient to explain the focus of economic work.

The policy is forward-looking, stable and effective. Both domestic demand stimulus and investment drive are not wrong, and the endogenous driving force of development is enhanced. Yiyang City, Hunan Province firmly implements the strategy of expanding domestic demand, and project investment continues to exert strength. Since the beginning of this year, the city’s fixed asset investment has increased by 10.5%, and the total retail sales of consumer goods has increased by 16%.

Li Xiaoyue, director of the Development and Reform Commission of Yiyang City, Hunan Province, said that in line with the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, we will focus on the strategic basis for expanding domestic demand and continue to smooth the internal and external circulation. It is necessary to continue to improve investment efficiency, invest more funds in the development of strategic emerging industries, digital economy, modern service industry and other fields, and at the same time guide funds to invest in people’s livelihood, infrastructure and other fields, and continue to stimulate the vitality of private investment.

Focus on the big place and start on the small place. Micro-policies should continue to stimulate the vitality of market entities, so that enterprises can become beneficiaries and “markers” of policy effects.

Help Ruihu Auto Mould join the Wuhu New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance; list the Excalibur New Material into the 2021 industrial Internet intelligent transformation service object; promote a number of local high-quality enterprises to initiate reinvestment… Wuhu City, Anhui Province, through innovation and exploration New mechanisms for government-enterprise exchanges such as “Talking Breakfast Meeting” have continued to reduce costs and increase efficiency for market players in many ways, and stimulate market players’ vitality with “stabilizing” measures.

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Shan Xiangqian, secretary of the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee, said that Wuhu will continue to implement the “stability” measures to cultivate enterprises in a longer-term and more vigorous manner, and fully support enterprises with core competitiveness to grow bigger and stronger.

People’s livelihood is stable and society is stable. The bottom line of people’s livelihood must be held firmly, so as to provide strong social support for stabilizing the economic fundamentals.

Colorful corridors, newly paved roads, three-dimensional parking garages, various fitness facilities… Looking at the renewed community, Jiang Xiangzhi, a 66-year-old resident of Baimatai Community, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, said with emotion: After a heavy rain, the road surface, pipelines, and greenery have all been remodeled. Now I feel comfortable living in this place!”

According to Ju Liang, director of the Property Supervision and Management Office of the Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Development Commission, during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Chongqing will implement a plan to renovate an old community of approximately 100 million square meters, involving approximately 43,500 residential buildings. To meet the needs of the masses, promote the transformation of urban renewal and development and construction methods.

“Advance”: Combining point and surface to grasp the point of force

Economic operation is a dynamic process. The adjustment of policies and the promotion of reforms must grasp the effectiveness of timeliness, and insist on first standing and then breaking, steady and steady. Stabilize the basic board, grasp the point of exertion, combine point and surface, and make progress in stability.

Recently, METTLER TOLEDO’s China Headquarters signed an agreement to settle in the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Lingang New Area, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. This is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise to settle its Chinese headquarters in Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

Zhu Zhisong, Secretary of the Shanghai Pudong New Area District Committee and Director of the Lingang New Area Management Committee, said: “The Lingang New Area will actively carry out a new round of all-round and high-level opening up and deepening reforms. The shore business and other aspects are for the country to test the system and break new paths.”

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To seize the power point, it is necessary to expand high-level opening to the outside world, promote institutional opening, and accelerate the formation of a safe and efficient logistics network with internal and external connections. “For us, internal and external connectivity and a safe and efficient logistics network are very valuable for stabilizing the supply chain and opening up domestic and foreign markets.” said Hu Xuelian, senior customs manager of the supply chain of Baoshide Technology (China) Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou, Jiangsu. , This year the company relies on the export of China-Europe freight trains, and both production and sales are booming. Now companies have more confidence and confidence to transform and upgrade, and expand the market with higher-quality products.

Technological innovation has been an important driving force for my country’s economic growth in recent years. The conference mentioned scientific and technological innovation in terms of financial policies and market mechanisms, and emphasized the status of enterprises as the mainstay of innovation. According to He Junfang, general manager of Boyu (Tianjin) Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., this is the country’s encouragement and support for innovative enterprises. “In the future, we will devote more resources to technology research and development without distraction, and make our own contribution to the expansion of the “China Chip” independent screen.”

Deepen understanding: guide practice to move forward continuously

Entering a new stage of development, my country’s development internal and external environment has undergone profound changes, and it is facing many new major theoretical and practical problems, which require correct understanding and grasping.

The Central Economic Work Conference clearly put forward five major theoretical and practical issues that must be correctly understood and grasped. They are not only important practical issues that must be faced and resolved at the moment, but also forward-looking, strategic, and long-term.

Zhang Zhikui, secretary of the Yongchuan District Committee of Chongqing City, said that Yongchuan District will actively implement the principle of insisting on distribution according to work, improve the distribution policy according to factors, increase the adjustment of taxation, social security, and transfer payments, and cut the “cake” well. The people of the whole region are striding forward steadily towards the goal of common prosperity.

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“The Central Economic Work Conference proposed that we must correctly understand and grasp the prevention and resolution of major risks, and provide us with a more accurate navigation for our economic work in the coming year.” said Jiang Chunyan, the mayor of Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province. Yunxi District is the central region of my country. Important petrochemical industry bases will, in accordance with the deployment of the central government, coordinate the development and safety of the two major issues. We will not only make every effort to build a new 100 billion yuan industrial chain, but also effectively enhance the awareness of danger, establish a bottom-line thinking, and improve safety in production, environmental protection, and debt. Resolving and preventing financial risks are the top priority for government work.

“Pay close attention to green and low-carbon technology research” “Create conditions as soon as possible to realize the transition from “dual control” of energy consumption to “dual control” of total carbon emissions and intensity”… The meeting proposed to correctly understand and grasp the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality. Li Bin, the founder of NIO, was excited: “Green and low-carbon is driving the transformation of the development mode of my country’s auto industry, and the international competitiveness is constantly improving. The deep integration of new technologies and industries will create more growth momentum in the future.”

Sun Yuanxin, a professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, believes that the central government has expounded five major theoretical and practical issues that must be correctly understood and grasped, so as to build consensus among all parties for high-quality development, and have important practical guiding significance for preventing understanding deviations and policy misunderstandings.

“The expression of these five aspects is highly concise. It not only responds to social concerns, but also has rich ideological connotations. It stabilizes expectations and strengthens confidence in economic development, guides directions and sets goals, and allows all sectors of society to unite and promote high-quality development. “Sun Yuanxin said. (Reporters Liu Kaixiong, Zhang Qianqian, Zhou Yuan, Zhou Nan, Liu Weiwei, Wu Huijun, Huang Jianglin, Yang Youzong, Zhou Kai)


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