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State Secretary De Moor: “Undocumented drug dealers from Peterbos must leave the country as a priority” (Politics)

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Brussel –

Drug dealers who are caught by the police in the Peterbos district of Brussels without legal residence papers will be deported as a matter of priority.

Source: Own reporting

Today at 2:10 PM

This is what State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V) says. She therefore has places saved for them in the closed asylum centers. Earlier this week, the social housing company Anderlechtse Hearth sounded the alarm about the situation in the Peterbos district. Drug dealers threaten the residents, they set up roadblocks, and they decide who is allowed into the neighborhood.

According to police sources, the series of shootings around the Halle Gate in Brussels in recent days is also linked to the same drug clan. The drug trade in Peterbos is in the hands of a mafia gang that operates from the French city of Marseille. That clan also wants to take over the trade on the Jacques Franck Square in Sint-Gillis.

De Moor is carrying out the ‘High Trouble’ project together with the Brussels Capital police zone. “The police identify the biggest nuisance perpetrators in a neighborhood,” says De Moor. “The police know who is making neighborhoods unsafe. The Immigration Office will make every effort to remove those persons. In this way, 67 people have already been removed.” This approach is now being extended to the Brussels South police zone.” (cell)

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