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Stefany Zabaleta is the winner of ‘La Descarga’

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Stefany Zabaleta is the winner of ‘La Descarga’

The singer Stefany Zabaleta from the Santiago Cruz team reached the final stage of the reality show ‘La Descarga’, the temple of music on Caracol TV. Together with Dareska, Breiner and Oropesa, she played the final that ended up winning by a majority of viewers’ votes, thus becoming the first winner of this program.

She is remembered for her first participation on the reality show stage with the song ‘I will always love you’ by Dolly Parton, with which she demonstrated her artistic level, cultivated from her participation in La Voz Teens and Yo Me Llamo. The singer had a new opportunity in La Descarga, in which she polished her talent to take it to a larger scale.

“Stefany is from another world, you are beyond excellence, discipline. The song touches me a lot because maybe I’m the only mentor who’s here without her family and the ‘if you don’t come back’ at the beginning left me sick and then the song awakens in a different way and leads me through feelings.”said Gusi, one of the judges in one of his remembered participations in which he dedicated his performance to his mother.

Step by step and round by round, the artist advanced to become one of the favorites to win the reality show. On the night of this March 21, she performed with all the attitude of a winner with the song ‘Creo en mi’ by Natalia Jiménez.

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Relive the final of this contest: Via Caracol TV.

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