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Step by step if your passport expires before the visa appointment

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Step by step if your passport expires before the visa appointment

The issuance of the necessary documents to leave the country has become a long-awaited process for many, this is due to the high demand to request appointments in the case of requesting the passport or American visa.

Due to the constant complaints of the people who seek to request the documents, the Embassy of the United States in Colombia It has already reported the series of procedures that are being carried out in order to decongest the system, likewise, the Foreign Ministry also took measures against the saturated system of appointments for the issuance of passports.

To request the American visa, it is necessary that the citizen already have a valid passport, however, clueless travelers or who have not been able to request an appointment to renew the document may encounter a problem when requesting the visa at the American Embassy. .

Therefore, the Embassy of the United States reported the measures that citizens who find themselves in this situation can take. First of all, when the passport expires on the date of the visa interview, it will be You must inform the entity to avoid inconveniences when requesting the documentin addition to letting the consular officer know while you are in the interview.

Then you must request the passport by making an appointment at the Chancellery, taking into account that the price and time for the issuance of the document varies according to the municipality or region in which you are.

Everything you need to know to get the Colombian passport:

In addition to this, you must take into account that to request the passport, you must enter the official page of the chancellery www.cancilleria.gov.cothere you will have to go to the section of ‘Procedures and services’ and select the ‘Passports’ option.

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Once you do this, the platform will take you to a SITAC form (Comprehensive System of Citizen Procedures) that you will have to fill out, this will help you fill in the information with your personal data and immediately schedule the appointment with time and date of availability.

Keep in mind that to schedule your appointment, the page is enabled from 5:00 pm Colombia time. However, this may take a couple of weeks as it is in high demand for applications.

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