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Stephanie Planckaert’s mother-in-law has early-onset dementia: “Complaints were first attributed to stress”

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The new season of Château Planckaert starts on March 10. It is not only about the construction issues, but also about the early-onset dementia of Stephanie’s mother-in-law Lynn (56).

Two years ago, Stephanie’s mother-in-law Lynn (56) was diagnosed with early-onset dementia. In the new season of Château Plackaert, her son Christopher Timmerman (38) talks about the diagnosis. “I immediately wanted to know whether I also had a chance of developing dementia.”

In Dag Allemaal, Christopher explains that the diagnosis of young-onset dementia was completely unexpected. “Vague health complaints were initially attributed to stress. Until they finally discovered a certain type of protein on a brain scan. The hard verdict was reached: young-onset dementia. She had probably been carrying it around for years, but no one had seen it. My parents had a very difficult time with it in the beginning. It was also a serious blow for my dad Bart (56).

Son Christopher says that his mother initially responded well to the medication, but the last two tests show that she has deteriorated. “Mom is in a phase where she can easily continue to function in the same way for another five to seven years, until things may go downhill again. But currently she remains stable and can therefore continue to live at home.”

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