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Stones and crystals that heal and protect, what is the truth?

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Stones and crystals that heal and protect, what is the truth?

Stones and crystals are natural objects that have been used since ancient times by different cultures and civilizations for healing and protective purposes.

These stones are believed to possess physical, chemical, metaphysical, and energetic properties that can influence the well-being of people. personasboth physically and emotionally.

Types of stones and crystals that heal and protect

There are many types of stones and crystals that have been classified according to their colors, shapes, compositions, and uses.

Some of the most popular are:

Pink quartz

It is said to be the stone of love, as it helps balance affective relationships, heal emotional wounds, and foster self-esteem and compassion.

white quartz

It is considered to be the most versatile and powerful stone, as it amplifies the energy of other stones, cleanses the aura, protects against negative energies, and promotes mental clarity and intuition.


It is associated with protection, communication, creativity and healing.

It is believed to align the body, mind, and soul, in addition to strengthening the immune system and hormonal balance.

Tiger’s Eye

It is related to strength, courage, confidence and prosperity.

It is said that it helps to overcome fears, doubts and obstacles, as well as to attract good luck and success.


It is linked to spirituality, wisdom, peace and transformation.

It is believed to stimulate the third eye, facilitate meditation, calm stress, and promote sleep.


It is called the stone of the earth, since it connects with nature, stability, security and anchorage.

It is said to help release toxins, revitalize the body, and balance the chakras.

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It is known as the stone of truth, since it reveals the hidden, the unconscious and the repressed.

It is believed to protect against negative energies, psychic attacks and bad influences.


It is associated with nobility, loyalty, faithfulness and wisdom.

It is said to favor expression, learning, memory and discernment.

How to use the stones and crystals that heal and protect?

Defenders of stones and crystals argue that they work by their ability to emit or absorb energetic vibrations that can harmonize or unbalance the human electromagnetic field.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many people continue to use healing and protective stones and crystals for their symbolic, aesthetic, or emotional value.

If this is your case, we recommend that you follow some guidelines to use them correctly and avoid possible risks or disappointments:

– Choose the stones and crystals that you like or are attracted to by their appearance, their meaning or your intuition. Do not be influenced by trends, advertisements or other people’s advice.

– Clean the stones and crystals before using them, to eliminate any possible impurities or residual energies they may have. You can do it with water, salt, smoke, sunlight or lunar light, according to your preference.

– Program the stones and crystals with your intention or purpose, to help you achieve your goals or desires. You can do it with words, thoughts, prayers or rituals, depending on your belief.

– Place the stones and crystals in strategic places in your home, your work or your body, so that they act as protectors, harmonizers or enhancers. You can use them as ornaments, jewelry, amulets or talismans, according to your taste.

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– Meditate with stones and crystals, to get in touch with their energy and benefit from their properties. You can do it with music, mantras, breathing or visualization, depending on your technique.

– Respect stones and crystals, so that they respect you. Do not use them for selfish, malicious or harmful purposes. Do not lend them or give them away without consent. Do not mistreat them or dispose of them carelessly.

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