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Stop to inequalities. In Caluso now it’s up to young people

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After the one dedicated to the elderly, a project for the under 30 starts. Aggregation, artistic and cultural itineraries, walks and neighborhood dinners


The new model of inclusive and participatory welfare immediately “married” by the social welfare consortium of Caluso, continues its stages aimed at improving the quality of life of people by reducing inequalities.

After the elderly, it is now the turn of the young. From adolescents to under 30. A second project aims to identify community places where artistic and social initiatives can take off, such as neighborhood walks and dinners.

But above all of meeting in order not to lose the importance of relationships and risk isolation and consequently cultural impoverishment. Places to look for among the structures already existing in the 23 Municipalities of Ciss.ac, but not used and valued, which will have to revolve around a central place that has characteristics of strong attraction, especially for the youngest. And that consequently will be sought in Caluso, or in Strambino, countries with the highest population density.

The new project takes off with an initial public budget of 70 thousand euros a year for the duration of five years, to which regional contributions, European funds and other resources deriving from the partnership and from fundraising will be added.

The first step (in progress) is the public investigation with the request for expressions of interest addressed to third sector entities. This will be followed by an initial evaluation of the applications that must be submitted by July 20 and a first selection, entrusted to a technical commission.

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Thus we enter the second phase with the establishment of the co-planning table to arrive at the identification of a single project, or of several competing projects. Third and last phase is the choice of the final design and the signing of an agreement with the Ciss.ac.

“From an accurate research conducted through interviews with municipal administrators and the managers of the most important associations in our area – explains Emilia Gariglio, co-planning coordinator – it emerged, in addition to the lack of meeting places, also the scarcity of local public transport that penalize the mobility of people. Hence the need to find solutions to facilitate relationships between people ”.

The previous Ciss-ac project, which took off last year with the aim of reducing educational poverty and inequalities even in the field of education, which increased during the Coronavirus emergency with teaching a distance and people who have had to contend with reduced income.

Funded by the We.care tenders of the Piedmont Region, it was entrusted to the cooperatives Crescere Insieme, Copernico and Liberi tutti, which worked in the schools of the inclusive institutes of Caluso, San Giorgio Canavese and Strambino. The synthesis, in terms of communication, was entrusted to a video published on the institutional website of the Caluso consortium. “To participate in the tender – remembers the Ciss-ac referent, Tea Giordano – we worked on a project extended to the territoryorio dell’ASLTo4, which had Cuorgnè’s Ciss-38 as leader.Lydia mass

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