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Storm over Ezio Greggio, divides the appeal for the left baby – Lombardy

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Storm over Ezio Greggio, divides the appeal for the left baby – Lombardy

After the controversy about the “real mother”


“The appeal was not intended to make the choice of a mother who did not want her child rethink, but to a mother who probably with the help of someone to help her overcome economic, personal or family difficulties, not feeling more alone, she could rethink her choice and keep her child”: so on Instagram Ezio Greggio responds to the controversy aroused by the video released yesterday, “an appeal to find and convince the mother” of the newborn left in the cradle of life at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan to retrace her steps.


“Come back, please, this child is fantastic” is the appeal of the conductor, who explains: “There will be many of us to help you, first of all the professor Fabio Mosca, me and many friends who are gathering to help you”. “Retrace your steps tomorrow, tonight, tonight, take your baby who is beautiful and deserves a real mom, not one who will have to take care of it but she’s not the real mom”. With his video, Greggio has opened two fronts of controversy: the adoptive parents “bleed – writes one commentator – their ears” to hear the words ‘real mother’, while others accuse the comedian of ‘mainsplaining’ and wonder “What is the cradle of life needed if the privacy of those who decide to leave the newborn for whatever reason is not respected?”.

Newborn left in the cradle for life in Milan, ‘mother can reconsider’

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For his part, Greggio today writes that there was “no controversy” “towards those fantastic mothers and families who adopt abandoned children and who guarantee them love and a future as if they were real parents, indeed sometimes even better”. And he reiterates, “professor Fabio Mosca and I appealed with strength, affection and conviction: Enea’s mother if you love your child and your desire is to keep your child there are many of us ready to help you, you still have time to think back”.

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