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Strange lights in the sky over Castrop-Rauxel – Ruhr area – news

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Strange lights in the sky over Castrop-Rauxel – Ruhr area – news

A mysterious light in the sky worried several people in Castrop-Rauxel on Sunday. Local residents reported a cone of light about the size of a football that appeared again and again in the cloud cover from shortly after 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. at intervals of about five seconds. Some of the local residents tried to locate the source of the phenomenon. Without success.

A natural weather phenomenon excludes Jürgen Vogt from the WDR-Weather editors off. “Because it happens every five to six seconds, which is relatively regular“, says the meteorologist. In addition, it looks as if the clouds are illuminated from below. “That doesn’t come from sheet lightning“, so Vogt.

Air traffic control assumes headlights

The German air traffic control also assumes a strong searchlight that could have illuminated the cloud cover from below. This is only prohibited in airport approach lanes.

This explanation is not enough for event technician Jannick Beuchel. He is well versed in lighting technology and has his doubts about the theory that the cloud cover was illuminated with a powerful spotlight. “You cannot see where the light is coming from and in the end the cone of light does not diverge“, is said.

UFO researcher Hans-Werner Peiniger from Lüdenscheid still considers the headlight theory to be the most likely. Often no beam of light from the lamp can be seen. This is due to the distance between the observers and the reflections and the atmospheric conditions that prevailed at the time.

“We often have cases where such reflections from light effect devices are reported as UFOs, precisely because these light beams cannot be seen.”
Hans-Werner Peiniger, UFO researcher

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