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Street inhabitant dying before the gaze of the authorities

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Street inhabitant dying before the gaze of the authorities

Increasingly concerned in Santa Marta the situation of the street dwellerssince they are vulnerable people who in many cases die slowly in front of the astonished gaze of locals and visitors, even in front of the authorities of this city.

Taking into account the above, the newspaper THE REPORTER He knew a case in which the indolence of the citizens in Santa Marta is reflected. Via Facebooka citizen denounced that a young man living on the street he was dying asking for help from officials and police; however, no one noticed to help her.

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In its complaintindicated that, in the Prison Street, (14th Street) a few meters from the Alcaldia of Santa Martaa young man in precarious health conditions, cried out for help from the police and district administration officials, but at no time was he given the necessary attention.

“Help, a few meters from the Santa Marta mayor’s office, there is a young man dying street dweller and asking helpfrom 4:00 am, police and officials from the mayor’s office do nothing,” said the complainant identified as Geraldine Gonzalez.

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