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Streets of the Historic Center of San Salvador will be pedestrian

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Streets of the Historic Center of San Salvador will be pedestrian

Spokespersons from the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador explained that after the revitalization of the streets of the Historic Center, they will be pedestrian, which will be enabled in the measures that the streets are renovated.

The head of the technical unit of commerce in the public space of the mayor’s office, Irving Rodríguez, stated that after the transformation of the linear park of Monseñor Romero Avenue and which joined Plaza Morazán with Plaza Gerardo Barrios, the same will be done from the intersection from 1st Calle Oriente and Avenida España to 6th Street and Avenida Cuscatlán.

“The connection of España Avenue with Cuscatlán Avenue, which passes through the Palace, there is no vehicular connection there, there is a pedestrian connectivity that comes from España Avenue, on the north side, from Juan Pablo (II) towards the center and later it is Cuscatlán del Palacio Avenue towards San Jacinto, and that in the past was a single vehicular connection route, not today because there is a pedestrian environment from point zero and that entire area that has been generated as activities for the family, in Strictly pedestrian and bicycle circulation will be developed in the future, but vehicles traveling from España Avenue to Cuscatlán Avenue, in a straight line, will not exist. The design is strictly pedestrian,” Rodríguez explained.

Furthermore, said works began with the remodeling of the streets in front of the National Palace, which stopped being paved and began to have cobblestones, similar to that of Monseñor Romero Avenue.

In the same way, similar ones are found in the vicinity of Kilometer Zero in San Salvador, which will link España Avenue with the rest of the road that will be renamed Cuscatlán Avenue.

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