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Strengthening measures to promote high-quality economic development

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June 01, 2023 10:05:35

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Du Huaiyu

□Xing Nianqiao our newspaper reporter Du Huaiyu

Since the launch of the “Year of Work Implementation” campaign for deepening capacity and style building, Suifenhe City has closely followed the special action requirements of the “economic development breakthrough” in the region, and has continued to make efforts in stabilizing the foundation, grasping elements, and strengthening kinetic energy to help the high-quality development of the county economy.

Stabilize the foundation, strengthen the measures, and promote the precise focus of the start. Set annual development goals. Continue to make good use of the “golden key” of emancipating the mind. The Theory Center Group of the Municipal Party Committee held 4 seminars on “Emancipating the Mind and Revitalizing Development” and organized special work classes to focus on more than 10 major economic development responsibility indicators throughout the year, dig deep into resource endowments, and study Formulate 12 practical measures to stimulate economic development, such as accelerating industrial revitalization and promoting project construction. Improve the mechanism and pay close attention to implementation. Keep an eye on the operation of various indicators, improve the working mechanism of “ten-day scheduling and monthly meetings” for economic operation monitoring, grasp the operation situation in key areas in real time, study and resolve blockage problems in a timely manner, and organize and hold regional GDP accounting method training meetings, indicators There were 9 scheduling meetings, 2 reminders for the work of special classes in various industries, and the implementation of the “red and yellow” early warning mechanism for regional GDP to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of monitoring and scheduling, and continuously enhance the effectiveness of grasping economic development.

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Improve capacity, optimize layout, and promote industrial development and expansion. Boost agricultural production expansion. Focus on the development of high-tech agriculture, green agriculture, quality agriculture, and brand agriculture, and promote selenium-rich vegetables on a pilot basis at the Daling Vegetable Planting Base in Jianxin Village to create a selenium-rich brand. Help companies solve problems. Formulated the “Leading Cadres Contracting Enterprise (Project) Work Manual”, established and improved 8 normalized working mechanisms such as regular research, direct appeals, and centralized meetings, adhered to “one enterprise, one policy” and “one matter, one policy”, and promoted municipal leaders Conducted a new round of effective point-to-point guidance with 388 Baolian enterprises (projects), organized 52 enterprises to participate in large-scale on-site job fairs at the provincial, city and county levels, and further solved the problems of enterprises. In the first quarter, the total industrial output value above the designated size was 590 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.2%. Promote the recovery of the cultural tourism market. Based on the expansion of cultural and tourism consumption demand, the cultural and sports departments, together with relevant tourism enterprises, actively carry out the special campaign of “cultural tourism to promote consumption”, increase tourism promotion efforts, hold “Ice and Snow Carnival·Happy Shopping in Border Town” and “Border City Midnight Return · Drunken Beauty Suifenhe” A series of activities such as this will effectively stimulate the consumption potential of residents and enhance the attractiveness of tourists from home and abroad to come to Sui for tourism and consumption. In the first quarter, the number of tourists to Sui was 243,000, and the tourism revenue reached 180 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%.

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Promote advantages, promote development, and promote the port economy to compete first. Accumulate investment attraction momentum. Formulate the “Suifenhe City 2023 Investment Promotion Activity Plan”, focus on leading industries such as timber, grain, and Chinese medicinal materials, establish a “connection” resource database and a target enterprise database, and determine 115 entrepreneurial network information and 265 target enterprises. The city’s leading group has led teams to Russia, Beijing, Qingdao and other places to carry out business invitation negotiations, actively connect with target enterprises, and fully promote the start of construction of China Logistics Group’s bulk commodity storage and transportation base and Chinese medicinal materials import processing industrial park. Improve project construction efficiency. Set up a special class for project promotion, pay close attention to the early stages of projects such as project approval, site selection, project bidding, and construction permits, establish and improve the pre-stage review and approval mechanism for key projects in Suifenhe City, sort out the flow chart of construction project approval, and strictly Do a good job in project promotion and guarantee work. In the first quarter, fixed asset investment increased by 26.5% year-on-year. Stimulate the vitality of foreign trade development. Accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development methods, improve the level of foreign trade facilitation, attract foreign enterprises to carry out import and export business, and continuously promote the innovative development of foreign trade. Complete the infrastructure upgrading and transformation tasks of highway and railway mutual market trade trading points, actively promote the province’s first market procurement trade pilot, complete the first stress test goods exported by the market procurement trade mode in our province, and continue to smooth the channels for small, medium and micro individual merchants to participate in foreign trade exports . In the first quarter, the total foreign trade import and export volume reached 4.258 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.8%.

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