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Strengthening National Fitness and Resolutely Opposing the Use of Doping-The revised draft of the Sports Law is submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for deliberation for the first time

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 19 (Reporter Lin Deren) The draft revision of the Sports Law was submitted to the 31st meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress for deliberation on the 19th for the first time.

This revision focuses on implementing the national strategy of a sports power and a healthy China, focusing on solving outstanding problems in the development of sports, ensuring the coordinated advancement of sports law and sports reforms, and doing a good job of coordination in sports-related fields.

Provisions to be increased to 109

The Sports Law was promulgated and implemented in 1995, and individual provisions were revised in 2009 and 2016. The revised draft will increase the existing 54 legal provisions to 109.

He Yiting, chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the National People’s Congress, pointed out in his draft explanation: “The practice of sports reform requires the promotion and protection of laws. The rights and obligations of various sports subjects need to be further clarified by the law, and the conflict between the sports law and other laws needs to be resolved urgently. Legal issues related to the preparation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and other international events urgently need legal support, and a large number of mass commercial events need legal supervision to respond. Therefore, amending the sports law is not only necessary but also very urgent.”

The revised draft currently has 11 chapters, namely General Provisions, National Fitness, School Sports, Competitive Sports, Anti-Doping, Sports Organization, Guarantee Conditions, Sports Arbitration, Supervision and Management, Legal Liability and Supplementary Provisions.

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Tian Siyuan, executive vice president of the Sports Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, who participated in this work, believes that the revised draft pays attention to the relationship between the new law and the old law, the relationship between principles and specifics, and the relationship between particularity and universality. Complete revision.

Strengthen National Fitness and Protect the Rights of Athletes

At present, the reform and development of sports is facing many problems: the development of national fitness, school sports, and competitive sports is not coordinated, the public service system of national fitness is not perfect, the physique of young people is obviously declining, the development of sports organizations is not standardized, the development of sports industry is unbalanced, and so on. In response to these issues, the revised draft responded positively.

In order to highlight the important basic guarantee role of national fitness, the draft clarifies the responsibilities of governments at all levels, various organizations, agencies, enterprises and institutions.

For example, it is required that residents’ committees, village committees, and other community organizations should organize and carry out national fitness activities based on actual conditions; local governments at all levels and relevant departments should create necessary conditions for national fitness activities and support and assist the development of national fitness activities.

In response to the decline in the physical fitness of young people, the education concept of health first is established. The revised draft adds new clauses such as “guarantee that physical education hours will not be occupied” and “not less than one hour of physical exercise in school” to ensure that students have sufficient time for physical exercise ; Revise the “physical examination” clauses, actively promote the status of physical education in school education, and ultimately achieve the goal of enhancing the physical fitness of students.

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The revised draft also adds provisions for the protection of athletes’ rights to strengthen the protection of athletes’ rights. Adjust the registration management of athletes and the terms of the management of sports events, further promote the reform of the competitive sports management system, and promote the better development of competitive sports.

Resolutely oppose the use of stimulants

The revised draft adds a new chapter on anti-doping, which reflects our country’s determination to fight doping. The main content is to refine the anti-doping regulations, sum up the content of the legal provisions, and regulate the anti-doping work.

For example, regulations prohibit the use of doping in sports, do not provide or provide doping in disguise to sports participants, the state establishes an anti-doping management mechanism, and so on.

The development of sports undertakings requires both scientific supervision and protection. The revised draft is embodied in three chapters: guarantee conditions, sports arbitration, and supervision and management.

The “Sports Arbitration” chapter is a new chapter, which aims to change the status quo that the sports arbitration regulations have not been implemented for a long time and establish a sports arbitration system suitable for China’s national conditions.

In the newly added “Supervision and Management” chapter, the supervision of high-risk sports and event activities has been strengthened, the methods and methods of sports administration supervision over competitions have been further clarified, and the circuit breaker mechanism in the event of public safety incidents has been stipulated.

In addition, the revised draft also detailed legal responsibilities, making the revised Sports Law more compulsory and enforceable.

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