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Strict supervision, responsibility suppression, and practical results: Strengthening party spirit and achieving new achievements through focused practice

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Title: Strengthening Party Spirit and Promoting Achievements: Provincial Party Committee’s Tour Guidance Group Delivers Effective Theme Education

Date: July 15, 2023
Source: Heilongjiang Daily
Author: Wang Yan

Since the initiation of the theme education, the Sixth Tour Guidance Group of the Provincial Party Committee has demonstrated unwavering dedication towards the objectives and tasks at hand. By prioritizing critical measures, benchmarking tables, category-specific policies, and collective problem-solving, the group has continuously improved the pertinence and effectiveness of theme education, thus propelling high-standard and high-quality development within each unit.

Firmly Anchoring Political Direction: Advocating Benchmarking Tables

The steering group, on establishing its presence, promptly set up an internal learning mechanism while supervising and enhancing the “first topic” system to ensure seamless implementation. By emphasizing the study of the “Ten Thousand Project” and the “Pujiang Experience,” the Provincial Institute of Socialism incorporated case-based teaching methods, enabling non-Party cadres to acquire a profound understanding of Xi Jinping’s ideology and the practical strength behind socialist characteristics. To date, the steering group has successfully overseen 66 sessions of the “first topic” study, reaching 3,559 party members.

Strict Supervision and Practical Results: Combating Tendencies and Accountability

An integral part of the itinerant guidance work is to remain vigilant towards negative tendencies and carry out thorough supervision. Since the commencement of theme education, more than 50 reminders, including phone calls, WeChat messages, written notifications, and on-site instructions, have been issued to address issues related to distortion, unprofessional conduct, and misalignment in each unit’s educational endeavors. During theoretical studies, emphasis has been placed on rectifying problems such as flawed correction systems, untimely learning, and superficial approaches. Similarly, guiding development entails organizing specialized promotional meetings to address challenges related to topic selection and the feasibility of certain measures. During investigative research, meticulous planning and coordination are prioritized to prevent clustered, repetitive, or redundant efforts. Moreover, during inspection and rectification, the steering group ensures strict on-site follow-up and diligently reviews the rectification process to avoid superficial or false efforts.

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Striving for Quality and Efficiency: Enhancing Supervision

The Sixth Tour Steering Group of the Provincial Party Committee primarily focuses on the “strict checks” approach to set tasks, implement effective management practices, and conduct comprehensive evaluations. By anchoring the core functions of each unit and clarifying key supervision points, the group ensures effective guidance and oversight. Upon establishing a presence, a thorough understanding of each unit’s current work, industry characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses is actively sought. Tailored and personalized guidance is then proposed, with each unit being encouraged to develop a targeted and actionable theme education work plan. In total, 36 research topics and 46 difficult problems have been tackled, aligning with the unique challenges faced by each unit. Moreover, closely monitoring progress and measures through account cancellation techniques, the group holds key task evaluations weekly, ensuring real-time feedback and timely rectification.

Promoting Revitalization and Development: Leveraging Learning to Enhance Work

The Sixth Tour Steering Group of the Provincial Party Committee places equal importance on education and practical application, urging all units to make significant contributions to the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang Province. Special attention is given to industrial development, where joint efforts by the United Front Work Department and the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce aim to improve service capabilities for the private economy and construct a robust modern industrial system. The Provincial Federation of Trade Unions has further established artisan colleges for digital, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, and ecology, fostering skilled talents required for the “4567” modern industrial system. Additionally, major activities, such as the “Harbin Fair,” have been successfully organized in collaboration with the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Provincial Party Committee and other United Front System units, strengthening foreign exchanges and attracting substantial investments. Moreover, significant progress has been achieved in improving people’s livelihood, with extensive job fairs and employment services organized by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions and the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, resulting in a significant number of disabled persons finding employment.

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Answering the Same Questions: Consolidating Workforce and Responsibility

The Sixth Tour Guidance Group of the Provincial Party Committee acknowledges that tour guides cannot achieve everything, and thus, close collaboration with various units is imperative for successful implementation. Effective communication with a focus on accountability has been established, ensuring that the main responsibility remains consolidated, internal motivations are strengthened, and a cohesive effort is made towards achieving optimal outcomes. Personalized conversations between the steering group and the leaders of each unit serve as reminders, providing feedback on problems, and urging the fulfillment of responsibilities. Furthermore, the steering group actively cooperates with the United Front Work Department to implement “double supervision,” which leads to further improvements in the quality and efficiency of tour guidance. The selection and dissemination of advanced models and practices among various units enhance mutual learning and facilitate collective improvements.

The Sixth Tour Guidance Group of the Provincial Party Committee’s commitment to learning, strengthening party spirit, focusing on practice, and building new achievements is evident in their persistent efforts to deliver effective theme education. Through strict supervision and focused guidance, the group aims to unlock the full potential of each unit while significantly contributing to the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang Province.

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