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Strike in the port of Savona to block the ship with the steel rolls hijacked from Genoa

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“The camallo is not a jackal”. The writing stands out on the banner displayed in the port by the Savona dockers who have proclaimed a day of strike for today on the Ursa Major and refuse to unload the ship containing the rolls destined for the Genoese plant after three days of protests against layoffs. The ship had been hijacked by the company in Savona precisely in view of the strikes that block the activity in Genoa, but the dockers responded with solidarity with the Genoese workers. The union communiqué of the RSU of the Acciaierie di’Italia which thanks them speaks of “an attempt as clumsy as it is illegitimate to circumvent the Genoese strike”. Thanks to the Savona dockers also come from the SMS Guido Rossa.

It all started two days ago, when the Ursa Major ship left Taranto with 29 thousand tons of steel products, 1300 rolls, arrived in Genoa and found the plant blocked by the protest. The company asked for hospitality at the Savona terminal, which was already occupied yesterday and gave its availability for today, the ship then left from the Cornigliano quay tonight and at two it landed in Savona, but the provincial secretariats Filt, Fit and Uiltrasporti responded with the initial proclamation of a strike day for today, from 7 this morning to 7 tomorrow morning for those sent to the Ursa Major ship, deeming “the situation that has arisen unacceptable”, a strike that has just been extended to 48 hours and will therefore last until 7 am on Tuesday 29 June. “Since I have been a delegate in 91, I had never seen an initiative of this type _ Armando Palombo, coordinator of the RSU of Acciaierie d’Italia in Cornigliano burst out _ I would like to know what the government says. new in the assembly in Genoa from 7 to 9 to decide how to move “.

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In fact, the company has not agreed to suspend the checkout procedure, but at the moment the letters of the provision, which should start on the 28th, have not yet arrived. In any case, between now and July 8, the date of the meeting fixed with the government, the union has proclaimed the state of agitation of the Genoese workers of Acciaierie d’Italia.

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by Fabrizio Cerignale, Marco Lignana, Stefano Origone


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