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Strike of taxi drivers in Yopal ended, they will return to the dialogue tables

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Strike of taxi drivers in Yopal ended, they will return to the dialogue tables

After an extensive meeting between spokesmen for the taxi drivers’ union and the authorities gathered at the PMU Unified Command Post, the protest of the Yopal taxi drivers was lifted.

Thanks to the dialogues carried out between the leaders of the taxi drivers union and the municipal authorities, during the Unified Command Post, it was possible to find points of common agreement between the parties, aimed at ending the strike and resuming activities in the city. from Yopal.

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The work tables resume

Among the agreed agreements, the resumption of the work tables was established, in which the municipal administration, the taxi drivers union, the Ombudsman’s Office, the Ombudsman, the Public Force, the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Labor will participate.

The main working group will be the one that seeks to dispel doubts regarding the issue of social security, due to its complexity it was agreed that all the actors must participate, reach an agreement and submit the petition to the National Government, because the issue does not It is the responsibility of the Yopal Mayor’s Office.

Subsequently, work will be done in other tables in which solutions will be sought through professionals to various points, among them; the security of the taxi drivers union, illegal transport, the adaptation of the road network, the expansion of transport capacity and signage. It should be noted that companies and vehicle owners must participate in these tables.

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For his part, William Armando Rodríguez, another of the representatives of the taxi drivers, pointed out that among the agreements is the issuance of the control card, from Tuesday, February 7, by the companies that group the union, this without any inconvenience for the driver.

The Yopal government secretary, Rodolfo Chaparro, assured that with the work tables they seek to reach agreements with the union and applauded the joint work that was carried out, to be able to lift the strike and continue generating actions to provide a good public service to citizenship.

Jorge Yabrudy, spokesman for the transporters, explains the agreements they reached.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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