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Strikes in local transport: Many bus and tram cancellations in Saxony

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Strikes in local transport: Many bus and tram cancellations in Saxony

Passengers on city and regional transport have had to expect significant disruptions since Friday morning. In the Free State it is primarily about better working conditions. Employees here are already benefiting from the public service agreements that were negotiated last spring.

Union: Relief and reduction in overtime are urgently needed

Verdi explained that city transport employees urgently need relief. The sickness rates are high. Some companies have overtime accounts in the six-figure range. Verdi is therefore calling for a new collective agreement with higher holiday entitlement, the introduction of time bonuses for Saturday work and also overtime bonuses.

According to Verdi, the regional bus companies are also looking for more money for employees, trainees, interns, working students and pensioners in marginal employment.

With These failures must be taken into account

In Chemnitz All trips on tram lines 2, 3, 4 and 5, the rail replacement service on line 1 and bus lines 21, 22, 31, 33, 43, 51, 52, 62, 72, 76, 82, 82, 83, S92 are expected to be canceled and S94 fail completely.

According to Verdi, the subsidiary Euro Traffic Partner is also on strike. This means that night traffic is likely to be completely canceled. The Citybahn is not affected by the strike and runs through the city center as scheduled. Lines 26, 39, 42, 49, 56, 69, 79 and 89 are also served as scheduled by subcontractors. Line 96 can be partially served. The service hotline is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In Zwickau All trips on tram lines 3 and 4 as well as bus lines 10, 11, 12 and 26 should be canceled without replacement. Restrictions on student transport must also be expected. With VW factory transport, only the first trip from the factory is guaranteed. Further journeys are cancelled. The subcontractors’ lines are not affected. In Dresden According to the transport company, all trams, mountain railways and most city bus lines as well as ferries are likely to be affected. The subsidiary Dresdner Verkehrsgesellschaft is also on strike. Trips from subcontractors should operate – such as lines 65, 74, 78, 84 and 90 on the outskirts of the city. Mobi shuttles are available in Klotzsche, Weixdorf, Pieschen and Neustadt and must be booked via the app. Hotlines and stationary customer centers are not available. The Leipzig transport company announced that there would be significant restrictions. According to the transport company’s website, there are cancellations on almost all lines in the city. Bus routes operated by subcontractors are excluded. The tram operators Plauen announced that all tram and bus routes would probably not be able to be served. Only the rail replacement lines EV2 and EV4 between Albertplatz and Waldfrieden or Reusa are not affected by the strike.

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Concrete effects on regional transport

For the Zwickau district he has Regional transport in West Saxony one List of trips published on Friday by partner companies according to plan should operate. Such There is also a list of DB Regio Bus Ost in the Görlitz district. According to the company, Zittau city traffic is completely canceled. In the Löbau area, however, subcontractors should maintain traffic as much as possible. The Bus transport in Upper Lusatia in Niesky assumes that 50 percent of the trips take place. One Overview is available here.The Upper Lusatia regional bus and has for the Bautzen district has two lists published for Friday: one with the canceled trips and one with all the connections that will be offered. At the Hoyerswerda transport company if city traffic fails completely. Emergency operation cannot be offered. Only the bus service for school swimming and for the disabled workshop takes place, it said on the website.Der Regional transport Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains announced that cancellations were to be expected on bus lines, ferries and the Kirnitzschtalbahn. There is also no exempt school traffic, including sports and swimming traffic, possible. In addition, night traffic from Friday to Saturday is affected. The companies Regiobus Central Saxony, Erzgebirge regional transport and the Meißen transport company expect numerous cancellations, including in school transport. In the Meißen district, the ferries are also out of service due to the strike. The Görlitz transport company Expect disruptions in city transport, including trams.

No strike in northern Saxony, in the Leipzig region and in the Vogtland

The Vogtland transport association announced that the two regional bus companies Vogtland district from the strike not were affected. Also the Leipzig regional bus and the company North Saxony Mobile write on their homepages that they not would be on strike. According to the Central German Transport Association Thüsac with lines in the Leipzig district are also not affected by the Verdi strike call.

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State office: Compulsory attendance for students remains

When asked, a spokeswoman for the State Office for Schools and Education admitted that the announced strike would “definitely pose difficulties for individual students in reaching schools.” Anyone who cannot make it must deregister from school in good time. “The schools will react with understanding and sensitivity,” emphasizes the official spokeswoman. The attendance requirement will not be suspended.

Parents should check the school’s homepage to find out whether the school management has made any individual decisions. When asked, the Ministry of Culture said that schools had the option, among other things, to postpone the start of classes.

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