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students of the Faculty of Health Sciences equipped – TOGOTOPNEWS – Reliable and constructive information in just one click

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students of the Faculty of Health Sciences equipped – TOGOTOPNEWS – Reliable and constructive information in just one click

The World Health Organization in Togo (WHO) in collaboration with the Association of Students in Medicine, Pharmacy and Ondotostomatology of Togo (AEMPO) organized from November 30 to December 1, 2023 in Lomé, training on Violence Based on Gender towards students of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FSS) of the University of Lomé.

This meeting is part of the 16 days of activism against GBV and aims to strengthen the capacities of medical students on Gender-Based Violence, the care of survivors and to know that the phenomenon is real. It also allowed students to express their experiences regarding this violence.

Thus, several themes relating to harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault were addressed among others.
» The health science students met for 2 days to better equip themselves on the different themes linked to attacks, the stigma of Gender-Based Violence, and what that means in reality. We also talked about how in consultation these future caregivers can quickly detect these stigmas in patients, what they must do while respecting medical confidentiality, medical ethics and especially the legal measures that Togo has today. , the support mechanism put in place for victims. It is necessary for each doctor to know these elements to be able to treat their patient in a much more hospitable manner,” explained ESSILIVI Dorcas, FSS student representative.

She also added that Health Sciences students are also victims and can also be perpetrators. »You should know that there are also students who harass their teachers for the benefit of grades, tests, etc. When we also go to our faculty or university hospital centers where we carry out internships, students are also harassed. We must know that this is a real phenomenon and that we must take measures,” said ESSILIVI Dorcas.

For her part, the resident representative of the World Health Organization in Togo, Dr DIALLO Fatoumata Binta T. pointed out that one of the priorities of the WHO is to fight against all phenomena of abuse in terms of harassment, exploitation especially inaction.

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“We believe that we must promote zero tolerance towards this phenomenon. For the WHO and for the entire United Nations system, we have made this fight a priority because cases of exploitation, abuse and harassment should not exist and should not be an obstacle to the development of the society. However, this continues to become a serious problem. This is why the WHO has mobilized around governments to fight against the phenomenon so that every man, every woman and particularly vulnerable people are not victims. With the contribution of young people and students, we will achieve the objectives set, that is to say zero tolerance for this evil,” she said.

Recommendations were made to those responsible for the Faculty of Health Sciences, those responsible for hospital centers, among other things, the establishment of a committee for the evaluation, protection, denunciation and management of victims and survivors of Gender-Based Violence in this faculty, holding a meeting of this kind at Kara University.

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