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students were taken to Ibagué prison

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students were taken to Ibagué prison

Municipal authorities of Ibagué generated divided opinions by taking a group of public school students to the Ibagué Prison and Penitentiary Complex with High and Medium Security, known as the Picaleña prison. This initiative, which seeks to raise awareness among young people about the consequences of committing crimes, has been compared to “shock therapy.”

The students, accompanied by their parents, teachers and school counselors, They toured the corridors of the high security prisonwhere some of the country’s most dangerous criminals are held. During the visit, they heard life stories of the detainees and had contact with the surveillance guards.

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However, what has generated the most controversy is a recording shared by the mayor in which blindfolded students are shown being received with shouts of “Welcome to prison”. In the images, some young people can be seen crying and showing signs of distress while being confronted by the guards.

The local leader justified this scene as part of a strategy for young people to face an unknown reality. and make responsible decisions. However, on social networks, several users have criticized the measure, calling it ineffective and traumatic for students.

On the other hand, it has also received support from social media users. Here are some comments:

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“That’s good… let them look at what they can get into if they start committing crimes.”

“These campaigns are carried out in the USA and in many countries… it is important to get this annoying and irreverent youth out of the bubble.”
“Well, it’s not that bad, with proper security measures it’s good for them to know the realities of life.”

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