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Studio 6 Sky named after Gianluca Vialli, a tribute to his contribution and his legend

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Studio 6 Sky named after Gianluca Vialli, a tribute to his contribution and his legend

«Today the Club is richer. From today we are all a little richer here at Sky, because studio 6, the studio from which we also broadcast the Club, is now named after Gianluca Vialli, who spent practically his entire career at Sky in this studio. From here we broadcast the Champions League, from here he conducted his broadcasts, Vialli is always present in our thoughts, in our memories and is always an example for us who have worked at Sky in all these years and who continue to work for Sky and also for those who will work at Sky from tomorrow, because his way of doing things, his way of interpreting professionalism, dedication, but also the great friendship he gave us, his everyday advice, have made Vialli what he has become a legend and so from today studio 6 is the Gianluca Vialli studio we say it, we can all say it with a bit of emotion because we feel it so alive Gianluca we were all very good friends with Luca we shared a lot of life a nice piece of life with him and so we are very happy with that.»

So Fabio Caressaat the opening of last night’s episode of “Sky Football Club“, the Sunday evening in-depth program broadcast on Sky Sport wanted to pay homage to the memory of Gianluca Vialli with the naming of studio 6 of the Sky Italia television production center a Milan Santa Giulia.

15 years with Sky Sports. Extremely prepared and meticulous, at the same time funny – and very elegant – in front of a camera. Joined the team Sky Sports in 2003, Vialli he recounted the main events, including i World Cup and the Champions. She paired up with Paolo Rossi in “Beware of those two”, he hosted “Codice Rosso” and held the role of talent for many Sky campaigns, until 2018. But above all, for many, he was a friend

Gianluca was part of the team of Sky Sport from 2003 until 2018. For 15 years he brought his expertise and preparation to TV. Presenter, “talent” – as they say on Sky – in the studio and sent to major football events. Vialli was also the face of many campaigns and promos on the Sky platform

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Already in 2006 Gianluca is part of world team” of Sky together with, among others, Paolo Rossi, Ilaria D’Amico and Giuseppe Bergomi

In the 2007 Gianluca and Paolo are the protagonists of “Beware of those two” (title inspired by the most famous TV series of the 70s). The two former footballers host – with the help of an off-screen voice – the commentary program on the Champions League between interviews and goals. And lots of laughter. Rossi and Vialli refer to the duo in the show’s theme song Danny Wilde e Lord Brett Sinclair, played respectively by Paolo (in the role played by Tony Curtis) and Gianluca (who plays Roger Moore)

Gianluca it was face from the Champions League on Sky Sport for many years with Fabio Guadagnini first and then with Fabio Caressa conducting

In the 2014, from an idea by Fabio Caressa, was born “Code Red”. A series of Sky Sport 24 documentary investigations on the world of football. Vialli was its face and more. Gianluca was in fact entrusted with the task of analyzing the moment of crisis in football, stimulating ideas to rebuild its image and competitiveness

THE FACT SHEET – WHO WAS GIANLUCA VIALLI | Gianluca Vialli he passed away on the day ofEpiphanyat 58 years old, in a clinic in London, far from the clamor of the world of football that he loved and of which he was the absolute protagonist, between the 80s and 90s. Before the tumor knocked him out, he won everything he could. Born in Cremona on 9 July 1964, his talent and the joy he conveyed off the pitch marked an era. As well as his friendship with the current coach of theItaliaRoberto Mancini. The two of them, together with a ‘group of friends’, hoisted the Sampdoria of Paul Mantua (for Gianluca a second father) on the roof of the championship A league and not only that: they allowed her to arrive for a minute from Champions Cupwon in Wembley dal Barcelona thanks to a torpedo fired by Ronald Koeman on punishment. And to say that, on that London evening, Vialli he was one step away from taking the lead several times, pardoning the goalkeeper Zubizarreta. Hero of timeless football, icon of lightheartedness and enormous friendliness, then of elegance; that accuracy in dressing, his ability to show himself with class and style, earned him the nickname of football lord. The irony of an absolutely over the top character – irreverent and charismatic – like Vujadin also influenced his training Boskov. Vialli he began his professional career with the shirt of Cremonesebefore moving on to Sampdoria in 1984. With Sampdoria he experienced his most intense seasons, winning many Italian Cuplo scudetto 1990/91, the Italian Super Cup; he took the European club title with the Juventusin the 1995/96 season, beating on penaltiesAjax in the final at the Olimpico in Rome. In black and white he would win the scudetto and many other trophies again, before finishing at Chelsea as a player and, shortly afterwards, also becoming a coach.

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He did not lack satisfaction in the Azzurri, where he began to score in the youth team, becoming for example the top scorer of theEuropean Under 21 in 1986, finishing behind Spain. In the meantime, however, he had already joined the senior national team, called by Enzo Bearzot which took him to the World Cup in Mexicowhere he was the protagonist, often replacing Bruno Conti on the right wing. AtEuropean Championship 1988, in West GermanyAzeglio Neighbors he deployed him in his natural role as center forward and, the following year, he wore the captain’s armband for the first time, before taking part in the World of 1990 which proved to be a great disappointment for theItalia and also for the attacker: his experience with the blue shirt on his shoulders ended in 1992, with a total of 59 appearances and 16 goals.

In the same year he moved to Juventus, for four seasons full of satisfactions. goals and trophies, including the Coppa Uefa and another one Italian Super CupA three-year period followed Chelseain a’England which would become his second home. With the ‘Blues‘ other successes arrived and the opportunity to begin his coaching career, taking over on Ruud’s bench Gullitas play manager, managing to bring home even one at the end of the 1997/98 season Cup Winners’ Cup. Two more seasons and as many trophies were not enough to avoid his dismissal in September 2000 and his subsequent experience at Watford lasted only a year, convincing him to look around and find a new passion in the role of columnist and TV commentator. During the first stay at Chelsea became the target of Zdenek’s accusations Zeman who, in 1998, gave an interview in which he spoke about muscle explosions in some footballers, including Vialli. Gianluca never forgave him for those statements.

Posted in Hall of Fame of Italian football in 2015, Vialli was reunited with National between 2019 and 2020, when – even fighting against the pancreatic cancer that had affected him since 2017 – he was appointed by Football Federation head of delegation, alongside the coach and lifelong friend Mancini. In time to celebrate the triumph in London Europeanswith a thrilling embrace and a liberating cry between the two former Sampdorian ‘goal twins’ at the end of the final Wembley: that frame will remain in the history of the Azzurri and beyond, especially now that the Lord of goals is gone. With grace and style, as per character, reaching other football greats.

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