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Subject captured with several doses of cocaine in Arauca behind bars – news

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Subject captured with several doses of cocaine in Arauca behind bars – news

Maricel Ortiz Ramírez, deputy and standard bearer of the producers of the department of Arauca, requested the national management of the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and the territorial management to provide an immediate solution to the system that allows the preparation of the Internal Mobilization Health Guides of Animals (GSMI), which has been out of service in the Department since the previous week.

Although a contingency plan was established to serve the more than 2,000 producers in the seven municipalities, it has not had an effect since it does not allow the issuance of guides and therefore the marketing of cattle, buffaloes and horses, among others, a situation that It has been presenting losses to the livestock sector, which is a direct source and generator of its own economy in the territory.

Added to this situation is that to date the national directorate of the ICA has not hired the personnel required in each of the municipalities to respond to the producers’ requests, and to date the offices in the municipalities have one or two officials. , to carry out the tasks of 10 or 11 people who are required for citizen service.

Although Arauca does not have private companies that generate employment, the productive sector has been guaranteeing the hiring of labor for field tasks, a fact that is being affected by the lack of commercialization due to the system’s outage. .

The Representative points out that she sent a communication to the general management of the ICA because they are not going to allow actions like these to once again gain smuggling in the territory and put at risk the certification of a foot-and-mouth-free department.

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Likewise, they urge the National Director Juan Fernando Roa and the Territorial Director Narda Martínez Peroza to carry out the pertinent actions to link the personnel required in each municipality and to launch the system as soon as possible, in order to not to generate chaos in the first economic sector of the Department.

Source: Arauca Assembly

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