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Successful first day of User Service Training

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Successful first day of User Service Training
Participants in the course “Quality and Excellence in Customer Care and Services”.

The activity will take place every Tuesday in the Auditorium Hall of the Area 2 Hospital of the Tesãi Foundation, at different times and is aimed at all employees of the User Care and Well-being area of ​​dependent Hospitals.

The course is called “Quality and Excellence in User Attention and Services” with talks led by Victoriano Guillen Bernal, a specialist in Human Resources and a Master’s in Business Administration.

“In a first stage, it will involve the colleagues who directly serve the public at the reception. We focus on good treatment, cordial attention, kindness and the ability to direct the solution of problems and the management of emotional intelligence with all its edges”, explained the professional.

He stressed that the key is in user loyalty, building trust and commitment to excellence and loyalty in line with the mission, vision and values ​​of the company. “We want the user to always return, trust in the quality of our services. May they always carry the concept that the Tesãi Foundation takes good care of everyone without exception”, she added.

Value added

He said that each official, employee, outsourced company operators, doctors, nurses and white staff should be multiplying agents of change, assimilating new habits to make a difference. “From the security guard you must work in internal marketing, the night watchman, the computer, the administrator, those who are in customer service, we are all involved in the success of this organization,” he said.

Classes will be every Tuesday and will have different schedules from 09:00 to 11:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00, divided by groups. The heads of each sector involved in customer service such as User Well-being, Telephone Central and Call Center must coordinate the participation of their collaborators with the Department of Human Development in such a way as not to disturb the regular progress of activities, mainly in sectors very sensitive from the Hospital.

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“Provide quality and warmth”

Lic. Vanessa Rolón Bareiro, receptionist dependent on User Welfare, thanked the Executive Management for carrying out these workshops that help them grow on a personal, work and professional level. “It is important because we need to improve care, provide quality and warmth, have empathy so that we can put ourselves in people’s shoes, understand their needs and emotions,” she said.

“We put on Tesãi’s shirt”

Lic. Hilda Fernández, an employee of the Department of User Welfare, stressed that there is an urgent need to redirect actions and habits in favor of the user, as the nerve center and raison d’être of the Foundation. “Take patience into account, know how to deal with emotions and feelings, empower ourselves with the organization, put on Tesãi’s shirt and do the best possible job,” she finally concluded.


The course covers topics such as: How to improve patient satisfaction, how to deal with customer complaints and claims, correct attitudes, serving with quality and warmth, attracting patients and retaining them, humanization of health, empathy, looking at life from others hearts, personal success and its basis in emotional intelligence, ability to listen to the patient, presentation and image-secretary functions, adequate attention on the telephone, among others.

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