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Super Green Pass, Draghi: “Prevention in order to safely preserve the conquered normality, we want to save Christmas”

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«The Italian situation is under control, we are among the best in Europe thanks to the vaccination campaign which was a remarkable success. In this regard, I thank the Italians who have joined and also those who are now joining ».
Thus the Prime Minister Mario Draghi opened the press conference after today’s important CDM, called to decide the new measures to immediately face the new wave of Covid in our country. Above all, the introduction of the Super Green Pass also in the white zone starting from 6 December and at least until next January 15.
“However, in a situation like this, we must ask ourselves what the risks may be. We are not yet in the fullness of winter, and the vaccination coverage of the cycle begins to fade in this period. “, Continued Draghi, who added:” We want to prevent in order to preserve, to conserve. We want to be very careful to keep what we have achieved during this year ». “We do not want risks with regard to this normality”, underlined the prime minister, “we want to continue to be able to go around, to send the children to school, to be free”.

“What seemed to be differences in positions before the CDM have disappeared, the measures have been accepted by all,” Draghi then underlined in response to reporters. The reference to the League, although not explicitly mentioned, is quite evident. «It is important that the government is united. We must not underestimate this diversity of views, however, but continue trying to understand, to convince. I don’t think there are many alternatives. If this initiative is successful and the economy holds up, it will be the best way to convince even those with different opinions. Do we want to save ourselves a different Christmas, like the ones before the pandemic? », The premier wondered symbolically, who announced that he had taken the third dose.

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state of emergency I do not dare to say that we have decided nothing a month before the deadline

State of emergency, will it be extended? “Too early to say, but the question that needs to be asked”, said the premier, is: “What interests us, to prolong the emergency or to have the whole structure and health organization available that allowed us to face up to now the epidemic? The second road to common sense is, we can see if it is possible to maintain this organization without a state of emergency. But I don’t know if it’s possible ».

“If we have some restrictions this Christmas for the vaccinated it will be normal”, concluded the premier. “Then we hope that the next ones will be for everyone”.

Compulsory green pass for transport, no stadium and cinema for No Vax – The draft

After the prime minister, he took the floor and discussed the measures the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. Minister Mariastella Gelmini at the press conference with him. The minister reiterated the rules that had leaked from the draft drawn up in the Council of Ministers in recent hours. Just as he reiterated what increasingly seems to be the “slogan” accompanying the measures: “No to restrictions for the vaccinated”. Speranza confirmed the extension of the vaccination obligation to the armed forces, teachers and those dealing with fragile people and the introduction of the new Super Green Pass which will be issued only to those who are recovered or vaccinated, and no longer to those who perform tampons.
The expiry of the Green Pass, the minister later confirmed, will be reduced from 12 to 9 months based on new scientific certainties regarding the duration of the effectiveness of vaccines. And again I recall 5 months and no more 6, from 1 December.

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“We must consolidate the results achieved, and for this reason continue and accelerate the vaccination campaign”, concluded the Minister Gelmini. “The decree aims to avoid any interruption of the recovery and to keep the country open. We do not want to go back to the lockdown and refreshments, but to support the economy in this particularly important month, with Christmas and the ski season ».


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