Home News Superbonus between bureaucracy and scams, zero contracts from April: construction sites blocked, mandatory certification check

Superbonus between bureaucracy and scams, zero contracts from April: construction sites blocked, mandatory certification check

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Superbonus between bureaucracy and scams, zero contracts from April: construction sites blocked, mandatory certification check

The head of the category Zadro: from April zero contracts, no to the obligation of Soa certification. Contessi (Ance): checks necessary, all over the world you have to demonstrate competence

UDINE. They take it out on the mandatory certification for public works contracts, the better known SOA, they return to the blocking of the assignment of loans to banks which, in their opinion, is blocking the start of construction sites and solicit the refinancing of the regulation that has not yet it shows.

The artisans, with the head of the Confartigianato category, Alessandro Zadro, take stock of the super bonuses and their judgment is lapidary: «No new sites have been opened since April. No more contracts are signed ”. The case breaks out on this prediction with Ance, which concludes with a decisive “we do not know”.

There is no doubt that the situation is complicated, that at the national level the value of the scams on the 110% super bonus has reached 5.6 billion euros is a fact, but, adds the regional president of constructors (Ance), Roberto Contessi, “it appears that the new construction sites are not standing still”.

While sharing several passages in the analysis of Confartigianato, Contessi is keen to remember that the obligation of the Soa was demanded by Ance to stem the risk of fraud. But let’s go in order.
In a note, Zadro declares «the 110 percent superbonus effect is now over. No contracts have been signed since April because the banks have saturated the ceiling to cover the sale of the credit. And now state resources have even exceeded.

Added to this is the imposition of the SOA on all companies to participate in each contract, a decision that “will produce an absurdity: the few titled companies in the region, just under 600 (341 construction companies, 99 thermal plant engineers and 125 electrical plant engineers ) will take the contracts that will then subcontract to the other four, five thousand companies.

If post bonus strategies are not implemented, with a 5-8 year vision, many construction companies will close in the autumn ». Zadro recalls “the continuous changes to the rules on incentives in construction, which are definitively blocking the redevelopment works and cutting more than 90 per cent of companies out of the market” and confirms the request “for the abolition of the obligation for companies to own a ‘Soa certification to operate in the building bonus market ».

With respect to the guarantees of reliability that SOA would give, Zadro points out “that the mere possession of this certification in 20 years has not guaranteed, in the context of public tenders, neither work safety nor the quality of the work, as amply demonstrated from authoritative sources “.

In his opinion, “the Soa certification represents a real anti-competitive barrier to market entry”.
The superbonus is highlighting the different visions of the categories.

If Confartigianato disputes the bureaucracy to avoid snares and snares for companies with a number of employees that remain at medium-low levels, Ance does not despise a greater selection precisely because, according to Contessi, “we must distinguish construction companies from those who open the activity without guarantees.

All over the world to be a building contractor you have to demonstrate competence and experience ».

These two requirements are measured through the Soa, the certification issued to those who demonstrate that they have made similar interventions and for corresponding amounts.

Having clarified all this, Contessi confirms that the Ance has fought to make the SOA mandatory for the execution of the works that give the right to the superbonus and did so because “the bonuses are financed by the State and therefore are public interventions to all effects “.

Artisans and builders agree on the anti-fraud plan and on the difficulties linked to the suspension of the assignment of credits. “Many companies work for individuals who have not organized themselves with the sales. In many cases the bank had said “buy” and now it cannot do so because it has reached the ceiling.

“It is clear that, in these cases, if private individuals do not have the money to pay for the work, the companies do not collect and there is a risk that more than a few will fail” admits Contessi, also hoping that the Governments will also refinance the decree. if, he concludes, the interventions in progress in the condominiums are lower than those granted for the houses and this fact only partially slows down the consumption of land.

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